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LEDs Light up the sky of 2008 Beijing Olympics

ALLED / 2011-09-07


Do you remember the impressive opening ceremonies of 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing.? In the national stadium, a rich assembly of ancient Chinese art and culture dominated the ceremony. It opened with the beating of Fou drums for the countdown. Subsequently, a giant scroll was unveiled and became the show's centerpiece. You must be shocked at this visual sense, but have you considered which light source create it? It is LED ! To create this visual impact on audience, hundreds of LEDs was embedded on the screen as well as the in the costumes of the performers.


As a new generation lighting, LED is choose to be the main light source at that historical moment. In fact, LED performs a variety of advantages over conventional light source, such as energy efficient, long life span, little heat emission, durable and so on .And these wonderful characteristics of LED lighting technology are exactly consistent with the theme of 2008 Beijing Olympics


At the beginning of the ceremony, a bright scroll in different colors was unveiled.

To reach this full futuristic effect, Light-emitting diodes were installed across the entire stadium and a LED screen which measures 147meters long and 22 meters wide was placed in the center of the stadium. 


Actually, LED displays an important role at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, not only the opening ceremonies but also the architectural lighting.


It is being used to illuminate the Beijing Olympics’ Water Cube structure, which displays a different color pattern each evening. The Water Cube’s lighting is composed of 3,000 "bubbles" made with the same plastic used for insulation in airplanes. Each bubble has the ability to display millions of different colors; the color patterns are computer-controlled. Actually it takes advantage of the dimmability and controllability of LED luminaries. For many applications, LED can be adjusted to different brightness level with several dimmer switch. 


To highlight the theme of Green Olympics, LED which is famous as green light source is widely-used in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Even the bird’s net doorway is lighted up by LED .It is also used in the channel letters on the entrance sign of Beijing National Stadium. 


2008 Beijing Olympics have witnessed large application of LED lighting technology. China, as a big country that consumes large quantity of coal and oil, at the times of energy soaring is certain to be worry about the energy efficiency. Combining the new generation of lighting technology at the history moment reflects the Chinese government’s determination towards sustainable development pattern to certain extent.



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