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Green live`s new favorite, LED light belt

Alled / 2013-03-20

In recent years, with the improvement of material conditions, the require of the living environment is getting higher. Typically, we sort of ways by changing the overall tone of the housing, the mix of fabric, furniture mix to create a different style of living, change is not the same as living mood. The role of lighting design in the overall design and decoration gradually more and more designers important, since the advent of LED lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, compact applicability many advantages, so The lighting in the home decor, unique charm, for our home design plug in the wings of imagination, expand out the fusion inspired and touched situational space.
Living room with LED lights to create a magical effect.
The living room is often a good place parlor and family get together to chat, to promote better interpersonal space, often of a charm. LED lights with decorative living room, we can built-in LED lights with Shang Ming circular chandelier on the ceiling, turn on the power, instant light, immediate strange effect January annular eclipse. The inside of the walls, the curtains, in every corner of the shelter, hiding some LED lights with Shang Ming, the pro soft lighting vertical scattered intertwined, also played a role in the enlarged space. In this example, you can develop your imagination, otherwise ordinary living room to create more different magical effects. In addition, LED surface the waterproof PU layer material, let us wipe them more convenient. Just do some simple changes, your living room has an indescribable charm of surprise.

LED lights with a build on a monthly food wonderful effect, amazing!
Bedroom, LED lights to create a greater comfort space
We decorated the bedroom, often want bedrooms are more spacious and comfortable, make sleep with the high quality. But how to create a more comfortable space enlarged? LED lamp with itself having a soft curl resistance, and can be cut, we can bending the lamp with cropped, placed in the bedroom different positions so that the light to the facade line and to produce the stretching effect of the extended; the use of high and low degree of difference in the ceiling side marked with LED lights with indirect lighting modification to increase the height and space three-dimensional, more open bedroom. All arranged ready, turn on the light source, overtly or bright, soft lighting staggered shine, all of a sudden play down the effect of the enlarged space.

LED lights with enlarged comfortable bedroom, and peace of mind a good sleep until dawn
Bedroom, in the chandelier lights grooves and walls inside install LED lights with pro soft lighting undisciplined fall, scattered to illuminate the walls and ceilings, for the moment, the larger bedroom let our minds become more open to relax. The comfortable texture light, and instantly soothe your frayed nerves day, people sleep a good sleep until dawn.
Intimate small space, with LED lights with realistic background of DIY home theater
Usually everyone has an intimate small space, leisure moment, read a book, a cup of tea, or watching a movie at home. LED lights, small for their own leisure time, you can create an immersive wit scene. Do not believe it can be any bending, can be cut to a minimum 5mm characteristics, so you only need to pick up a pair of scissors, and began to DIY a variety of graphics and text.

LED lights with DIY film background, immersive
In the projection screen side position, the LED lights with cut out hills meandering shape. Turn off the lights, turn on the LED lights with power and projection screen, the movies background of magic, such as exposure to mountains Moonlight. Light and dark phase King deeply, lengthen the focal length of our visual space to produce the effect of increasing. Should you are watching a movie full of natural beauty features like such as "Pride and Prejudice", is bound to produce an immersive marvel.
Too long lights with create attractive space to relax a bit, LED lights with green and save money
Too much use the lights with a large area, often make us worry about the electricity and security, will be burning money, will not have radiation? LED lights with it than ordinary incandescent saving 80% actually do a good job for us on a day-to-day electricity bill subtraction. In addition, it is available to 20,000 hours, up to 15 years of life, save the cost of maintenance. In terms of security,  LED lighting it of no red ultraviolet light, and the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation, green and healthy. Let us decorate the space with the lamp affordably and at ease.
Of course, in addition to the bedroom, private space, living room, we can also use LED lights with creating more amazing charm space. And make the  home design with a richer level and content. Comfortable and romantic sentiment home is with the sexual freedom purport of life.

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