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LED lights reasons of damage and methods

Alled / 2013-03-22

When we use LED lights, flashing or the lamp beads may dim. Now we will summarize some common problems and solutions.

1, LED running will darken, leads the current flowing through the switching power supply due to too large, you can check whether the sum of the currents of the lead more than the current value of the switching power supply output. If so, you should replace the power supply leads.

2, LED just energized very bright, over a period of time after a sudden does not shine or brightness attenuation can check whether the switching power supply is a 12V LED misuse has become 24V.

3, If there is no problem, check the switching power supply input voltage of 220V if the LED brightness too high or low: check the switching power supply input voltage and the output voltage is normal. Such as ultra-high voltage will cause the LED to burn out; if the voltage is low, will cause the LED does not light or brightness decay. Such as the location of the user voltage is unstable, it may recommend the installation of the regulator.

4.LED package will absorb moisture when exposed to air for a long time before use, if not through the dehumidification process, when lead reflow because the reflow temperature is too high, the time period is long and the thermal expansion of the LED package of moisture , causing the LED package burst, which indirectly led to the LED chip overheating and damage.
    How to solve: LED the storage environment temperature and humidity, and is not used up before the next use, LED must not have placed 6 to 8 hours baking in the oven at about 80 ° dehumidification process, to ensure that the use of LED moisture absorption phenomena.

5.High loss: LED high temperature performance is not good, in the production and maintenance process did not control for the LED soldering temperature and time, ultra-high temperature or continuous high temperature will result in damage to the LED chip LED lights with the phenomenon of suspended animation.
     How to solve: good of Reflow soldering iron temperature control, the implementation of the person responsible, specialized records management; soldering iron temperature control soldering iron, effectively prevent soldering iron high temperature burn LED chip.

6. Electrostatic burn out: LED is a static-sensitive components and, therefore, did not do a good job in the production process for electrostatic protection work, it will because of the electrostatic burn LED chip, resulting in suspended animation occurs with LED lights.
     How to solve: to enhance electrostatic protection, all personnel exposed to the LED must be worn in accordance with the provisions of the anti-static gloves, a wrist strap, tools and equipment must be well grounded.

7.First, we can check whether led lamp beads did not work properly due to the power supply part of the reason not lit lamp beads, if it is, you can check the power lines, the normal general power led lamp beads connect the indicator will light up.

8.Next to exclude the power situation, if not bright, you also need positive and negative pins beads by checking Led lights, to see if we operate Led lamp beads in operation no correct connection, such as the presence of incorrect operation does not light the lamp beads, re-welding led lamp beads generally can be solved.

9.Check led lamp beads pin Weld, welding the temperature is too high, the welding too long caused led lamp beads is not lit, if it is the solution: rosin flux solve LED pin is not easy on the tin problems.

10.Check led lamp beads current view led lamp beads at both ends of the current operating current exceeds Led lamp beads, if this situation is likely to cause Led lamp beads is not lit, the solution is to select the appropriate constant current power, try not to buy those cheap power. Supply current is too general Led lamp beads breakdown caused the lights to prevent beads is not lit.

11. Too large, is also caused by electrostatic bright led lamp beads. The solution is to bring the best anti-static gloves or protective equipment to reduce the impact of electrostatic lamp beads DIY led lights.

12.led lamp beads quality problems can also cause led lamp beads light leakage because of some Led lamp beads chips exist, this situation is likely to cause the dead lights led lamp beads to use after a certain period of time, the solution is to try to prevent the lamp stock beads in a long time in a damp environment to prevent led internal chip moisture causing leakage caused led lamp beads bright

13.led lamp beads short-circuit may cause led lamp beads does not shine. This is part of a small company in Led lamp beads Production existence Weld LED lamp beads thermal expansion and contraction of colloidal to squeeze gold wire open circuit.

14 Finally, such as aluminum plate or other Led lamp beads auxiliary cooling tie, can also cause led lamp beads is not lit, so we resolved according to the actual situation.

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