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Choose 4WD light, a bright choice!

Jone / 2013-03-28

Choose 4WD light, a bright choice!!

Venturing into remote place in 4wd? Enjoy your living from home to work in jeep? Then 4wd driving light must be an essential addition to your vehicle. And it is absolutely an ideal solution for improving driving safety at night in country or off-road conditions.

As you know, a good vision is pretty important for long- time and long-distance night driving, which would have something to do with maintaining concentration and alertness of driver. That is to say, Poor visibility make you more cautious and even anxious through dust and darkness than in any other occasions, turn out to make your eyes and brain tired.

Anyone who are capable of driving with 4wd driving light can stand in one side ,that is, there is no doubt that jeep light is a good hand in exposing every inch in the front vision in the shape of tunnel .To believe it or not ,you can see the front vision as the same as in the daytime.

With the rapid development of fast consumption in such a time pressed era, a large proportion of consumers pay less attention to purchase something after researching relative advantages or disadvantages. And buying is transformed into a simple and mechanical herd behavior, and of course, ?they would usually get used to buying what other have and what the recent advertising is promoting . Actually, choice would be intelligent with kind of realization. Here, we would bring you to know 4wd driving light.

Reasonable Cost for quality

4wd driving light with quality promise seldom come cheap. If you’re the one attaching more importance to looks alone, just need to go to the part shops and pick the biggest, brightest and cheapest as the funds allow. If you are more interested to have your night front road lighted up as bright as its daytime while you smash through scrub and rattle over corrugated dirt roads. It is a fact that good quality 4wd driving lights are able to cast a brilliant light glow much further ahead than the ordinary cheap one, allowing driver to see oncoming obstacles from a greater distance, allowing more time to avoid accidents. For the sake of personal safety, you need to spend some reasonable money. Budget can be added up to $100 per light without considering the additional wiring costs. If you don’t want a pair of $100 driving lights then a quality single beam and a second light can be recommended.

Various types

There are three most common types of 4wd night lighting for you to choose, including Halogen, HID and LED.

1. Halogen lights have been around for ever and have long provided a real upgrade to the inadequate lights supplied on new vehicles – for rural night driving at least. ?

2. HID lights is a technology that make use of superheated Xenon Gas to provide the light source. HID provide a ‘whiter’ light than conventional lighting (closer to daylight) and are usually responsible for the blue color sometimes seen in headlights. HID driving lights require less electrical power to run once ignited and contain no fragile filaments to break. The drawback is of course the price and quality HID lighting can be considerably more expensive than Halogen. HID lights are filled with xenon gas and they tend to create a more natural light that is somewhat like daylight. By comparison, halogen and is capable of producing a far brighter, whiter light.

3. Led Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are small light bulbs that easily fit into electrical circuitry. Yet unlike halogen bulbs, LEDs do not us a filament in the bulb that will burn out or get extremely hot. Instead, LEDs are illuminated by electrons moving in a semiconductor material. LEDs have several advantages. One is that they are long lasting. Their expected lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, 20 times that of HID bulbs and 125 times that of tungsten halogen bulbs. Another is that they consume much less power than HID or Halogen. And also they are more durable. There is not filament to break or glass bulb to break. Overall LED is the newest and best in 4WD lighting technologies temporarily.

Optional beam patterns

Pencil beam or spread beam are two lighting patterns of the 4wd driving light, and quality parts can be individual lights for sale. Pencil beams can offer a deep, narrower penetrating illumination while a wider illumination of spread beams can supply better vision of the edges of the road and the surrounding bush. And we specially recommend the combination of 2 individual lights for use, what you should do is to set a pencil beam on the driver’s side and fix a spread one on the passenger side, which can give you a best view of two sides. By the way, 'combination' light - a mix of spread and spot beams has been launched by some manufacturer, you can have a try.

Well-designed Construction

1. Strong housing

A good complete 4wd driving lights should be matched a strong protective housing. Generally, some amount of poking or prodding will indicate whether the thing actually performs .and the result would not let your down.

2. Adequate weight

Weight, as an important factor in installation, seems to be the lighter the better .Indeed, take the hardship of moving into consideration, the heavier a component is the more leverage and strain it places onto the bolts and fixtures when you hold it in place. And it is clumsy for you are in need of something to remain bolted to your 4wd light while you hammer it up and down every bumpy gully. However, weight should never be sacrificed for strength, and in order for ensuring quality, the material should be heavy enough for withstanding the onslaught of constant movement.

3. Solid parts

Brackets, pins and bolts, being essential parts of 4wd light, would be solid and well constructed with reinforcing in susceptible region like bends or welds.

4. Waterproof

Waterproofing is really crucial for the light. That is not only to keep out the rain being driven in when the 4wd is at over 100kph but also to prevent the insidious red northern dust of Australia from being drawn in and destroying lens clarity. If you have a impulse to make your vehicles cross rivers then waterproofing could become a real consideration.

5. well- constructed rear reflector

The well-constructed rear reflector could be another advantage of the light. Modern reflectors can be made from a metal, glass or plastic substrate and usually have a vapor deposited layer on it. Even though it has had a quick cheap spray with flaky silver paint, you may run in front of your 4WD to hold a candle when the reflective surface diminishes.

6. Clear Protective lenses

Modern lenses are so important for the 4wd light as well .specialized glass is for the protective lenses. The lightweight protective plastics lenses are always a dead giveaway that the goods is of suspect quality. Unless you can be some person who can make removing the protective lens covers as a daily routine, and ensure that lenses strong enough and the fitting system captive enough and design for remaining attached to the light clever enough. Otherwise, you can fellow the rest of us, toss them under the seat, and cringe every time you pass a road train on a gravel road. Clear protective lenses provide a great solution to the dilemma of removing covers, being a good partner for a better night lightning condition.


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