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How to replace the 4wd LED work light

Jone / 2013-03-30

How to replace the 4wd LED work light

4wd LED Work Light, an ideal partner for driving in night off-road or rural conditions, is popular with many consumers, for high efficiency in lighting up the night road and high quality promise. But how to set the lovely fixture after bring home? For your convenience, don’t you mind learn something about installation ahead of venturing out, here, we will always stand by you with the relative introduction in details.

4wd LED Driving light(former is LED spotlight,the latter is LED floodlight
  1. Brief introduction for accessories

Open the accessory bag, you will find something below:

  • One anti-break lens
  1. Installation steps

Firstly, screw one short screw into the middle basic bracket. Then look for the hole of plastic lens and combine the S/S bracket and lens together, the long screw become the important role in supporting weight..By the way, the back setting design will in favor of you if you prefer the 4wd light without adjustable ability


Secondly, you can locate the installation point. Use the screwdriver to mount the led 4wd lihgt to the 4wd with screws.

Thirdly, connect the wiring line part after turning down the electricity

Fourthly, turn on the light to check whether it works.

3.effect picture
4. warm prompt

Ensure all the fuse box is shut down whenever you deal with something regarding to electricity.? And please put on you plastic gloves in case of any accident.


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