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Something about JAYCO LED Light

Jone / 2013-04-02

Something about JAYCO LED Light

Wide range of application

JAYCO LED Light, you can call it LED T10 bulb or LED wedge bulb , is a economical choice to take place of traditional halogen, which supply multipurpose ,including cabinet down, caravan, motor homes in the condition of 12 volt. Counting on the creative product, you can reach out for brightness at ease, no matter in exterior and interior environment.

The application of JAYCO LED light
special ponit

As the name called, the LED wedge bulbhas a specialized socket with wedge shape matched, and the installation of the well-design wedge socket could never be a headache, with the appropriate wiring connection, bright white light draw minimal current and definitely be cool.

comparision of power consumption

Undoubtedly, the reason why LED T10 bulb has become a new and hot lighting application instead of halogen light, of course, counts on its overwhelming superiority of higher efficiency and less heat generating. In the course of examination, the comparison in heat rating is as well huge to a extent, The old one is always the criminal committing hurting, and thanks to its great enthusiasm, somebody needs cool water immediately, because the rather part of the electricity has been transformed into heat power. On the contrary, the surface temperature of the led T1o bulb is as gentle as the sunshine in spring, haunting you whether to leave or not. The detailed data as below:

Technical data of Halogen bulb as above
Technical data of LED wedge bulb as above

The operating voltage is set in 13.5v, when the lightness level of the two lighting generations reach 200 lumens, LED T10 bulb cost 190mA while the power consumption of halogen is up to 1500mA, their power consumption rate could stretch to 1:8, that is to say, compared with one halogen light bulb, the led wedge bulb has eight times continuous lighting with the identical power consumption. Obviously, the JAYCO LED light gains the complete victory in the use efficiency, which reduces lens distortion. By the way, compared to the halogen light, the new generation has no filament to break, and more durable owning long life span to 50,000 hours.


Obviously,we can recognize that it is an era for the led, according to the comparison between two lighting bulbs.You can choose JAYCO LED light or other brands. We are not recommending one brand over one brand, but to make sure that we are doing something meaningful to improving your quality life. Thanks to take your attention to the LED wedge light.


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