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Explore 4wd driving skills

Jone / 2013-04-05

Explore 4wd driving skills

As you know,it is important for a 4wd driver to be a good hand at Mastering the driving skills.Actually, as far as its geographical features are concerned,it is a magic land with many certain regional elements ,including highland and lowland, deserts, plains, gobi, swamps, lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, coastal and tidal flats.Therefore, to thread through complex Australian continent at ease, I am afriad that your positive picking up a good driving skills for off-road is inevitable even you are always under the illumation of good quality 4wd driving lights.

Basic structure understanding

First of all, every driver should be familiar with their own 4x4 off-road vehicle, fully understand the structural features of automobile parts,such as tires, transfer, transmission, steering, suspension, clearance from the ground, the brake,whose functional characteristics should be worth of your Primary focus. And whether you make a driving off-road vehicle could have great something to do with some relative abilities,like controling the speed for engine and driving, mastering the time to shift and into the bending Angle. Undoubtedly,handling the skills tends to not only help you out of the obstacles quickly but also lead you to enjoy the pleasure of cross-country challenges in complex terrain.

As you know, there are differences in the nature of 4wd and the ordinary vehicle, which is the pattern of displacement mode, the former has 2 and 4 displacement mode while the latter only owns the displacement mode of 2.

Generally, the 2 displacement mode is operated in dry highway, ordinary highway. While the 4 displacement mode get accostomed to be used in either rain snow weather or wet roads,because both front and rear wheels of the latter, as the power output wheels,are able to prevent the sideslip phenomenon resulting from uneven distribution of kinetic energy,which guarantees the stablility and safty in high speed driving.

Driving recipe for 4wd

Here we will take the topic to off-road driving skills in several typical terrain conditions.

1. Rugged track: the gobi desert, gravel, stones, dry river beds, mountainous area

Driving through such natural wide terrian, all you have to do first is to ensure the? minimum distance from the vehicle to the ground.And slow down to avoid the collision of chassis and stone when you 4wd is threading through the stones or dry wash.Generally,
Setting the transfer case with 4 L gearbox, 4wd can run over rocks 20 cm below. The stones unable to run over,get out of the 4wd and shed it in hand ,but if the stone is so big that small stones can be made best use by placing in front of the big one to Combine a temporary step. And you need to make sure that other end of the big stone is placed stones as well, otherwise, the front chassis will met rocks.

2. Steep slope :in mountain, DAMS

In climbing the steep slope,for the common 4x4 ,the limitation in climbing angle is from 30 to 35 degrees or so, which is influenced by many internal or external factors ,including body design, gear of transfer case, tire grip, degree of dry and wet,degree of slippery. Generally speaking, long wheelbase is better than short one with 4 L hanging up before entering slope. Then,star the gearbox with the first gear, then go into second gear, keep the vehicle constant speed with a certain throttle, in order to avoid the wheels skid.

To be honest, the primary requirement for a qulifiled 4x4 driver in the incline, would turn out to be not slipping and not shutting down. On your way to the slopes , your had better must meet slopes, not in lateral riding. once the side slope is more than 30 degrees, the vehicle may occur side tumbling, only to bring out extremely serious consequences. If the 4wd is too underpowered to go forward halfway, immediately can you stop to hang the reverse, by means of using the engine of pulling resistance, cooperating snub, keep the steering wheel straight, you would be capable of slowly backing to the slope.

In the narrow mountain path,it is the most important to correctly grasp the steering wheel. Downhill dosn’t take much horsepower like the uphill, but it is also a danger under improper operation.Actually, it is a common sense that drivers can't continue to hit the brakes. In steep slope with transfer case 4 L is a good way to control the speed.When meeting the corner,you? should slow down ahead of time to avoid air brakes, which is supplemented by gearbox low gear to control speed.And of course,just make slow brakes if necessary.

In the mud, transfer case 4h, gearbox with second or third degree and fixed throttle can cooperate to make you succeed in passing. Need to remind you whenever you encountered a glade with marsh mud more than one feet, be careful and once vehicles carelessly enter, the vehicle is slowly sinking no matter how great trouble you cost in trassimision, only looking for help and drag the poor 4wd off quickly.

In the mud road of hard bottum, go forward with transfer case 4 h or 4 l. Although you grip the steering wheel, the body is still slightly move like snake,which doesn’t matter as long as the vehicle dosn't deviate from the lane.All you need is to have a psychological preparation.
When coming across wheels sinking slightly in mud with the soft foundation, you can have transfer case with L4, gearbox with a second gear and steer wheel slowly in order to go forward.

In soft-mud advance, ground subsidence aside, make body tilt and unable to quickly pass. You can sort it out by several steps:after reversing, place stone, wood and other hard objects in road ditch, and then advance with transfer case L4 and fixed throttle.Unless the distacce of the mud road is short, it is necsssary to keep a certain velocity the journey, if there is a small hard things in your way, just run over directly. Slope mud frequently make vehicle skid, and you can improve sectional situation by adding anti-skid chains.And what you can’t miss to help reducing tire air pressure is strong grip tires.

3, sand: desert, flowing sand, dunes and beach.

The feeling of catching the wind in fast 4 x4 in broad beaches, only happen on you when you are indeed in that occasion.

If 4wd is steering in sand and its tire has a little bit down in the sand, which is slightly. Usually 4wd can be unimpeded in the flat sand, by setting 4h transfer case gearbox second or three gears.

After the current wheel reach to the sand dunes, the rise of head stock will make the center of gravity fall onto the rear wheel, both sides of rear wheel should be touch the ground with the same weight at this time and the body does not tilt. Otherwise, whether it is a transfer case H4 or L4, all elements above can result to back idler wheels sandblast phenomenon.

If continue to trample accelerator in such situation, only turn out to be still round back idlering, may also be got in deeper and deeper. Now it is time to use the winch or calling for a car to help. if you are kind of person to prefer overcoming things in person, just get deeper digging to two wheels under the sand, and place the wood, stones and other hard objects on the wheels. And with transfer case L4 and transmission gear, you ensure the friction of the wheel rotates make hard objects forward . According to the theory, it is not commen for 4 x4 to be stuck in sand, but there is a special case, when 4x4 drives into the sand in two wheel drive,? not shift with continuous forward might not have your 4wd be stuck in the sand.Once starup again after parking and use two wheel drive, fierce at two times, which is expected to more than half of the two transmissing wheels sinking in the sand. At this point, of course, the last resort would be the transfer case for L4, and if the situation of sinking in the sand is not deep, there is indeed a opportunity to climb up.Otherwise, even the other two will also turn in the deep.

If it is three wheels that are trapped in the sand with depth ,which is deeper than the wheel diameter by more than 40%, now the opportunity of climbing out of the sand counting on vehicle dynamic is almost zero. At this point, the friction forward of wheels under the pad hard objects, might as well be a solution to get rid of hardship,or you can get outside for help.

4, wade: shallow rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes, cities dips water area, are all the terrain the 4x4 would encounter.

As the setting position of the electric system, air intake and exhaust system are higher, 4wd has better ability of wading,the general 4x4 wading capacity has something to do with the tire height. Wading before driving needs probing depth, but it is no easy to master the uneven bottom of the riverbed.The water depth difference between the head street and the tail street sometimes is great. And please pay attention to control the speed, it is frequent situation that splashing wet circuit and bring out shutting down.

When the depth of the water may flood the exhaust pipe of the terrain,setting the transfer case with L4,making gearbox with a second gear or one gear, holding the throttle to keep the engine high speed and avoiding the shift in water,are all the ways to make the exhaust pressure greater than the water pressure in case of inflowing water,And the wading depth is up to be 20 cm higher than exhaust pipe mouth.

In the jet stream, Vehicles have to prevent jet impact.Crossing the river in 45 degrees of the current direction is a rather safe way. Undoubtedly, some drivers with fewer Wading experience would be afriad of flameout in the water, once flameout happens in the deep water, you should immediately shut down all car circuit and not attempt to start the car.Otherwise, the simple behaviour would lead to significant damage due to water drawing into cylinde.It is best to research for other vehicles to pull out this 4wd.


As conlusion,successful off-road driving skills should be a perfect combination of wisdom and courage. Only relying on more practices, repeated experience and frequent summarizing, you,as a 4wd driver, can gradually improve the level of off-road driving.
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