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Brief introduction for MR16 bulb

JONE / 2013-04-18

Brief introduction for MR16 bulb

MR16 bulb, what concepts would bring into your mind at the first sight? If you need some clues to interpret what it is .make me be honored for leading you.

?“MR16”stand for what

Indeed, it is composed of two parts, they are MR&16.

MR means multifaceted reflector, as the name called, the general halogen bulbs has reflecting surface with reflective coating, and here are two commercially available optional coating, such as dichroic coating &aluminum coating. The form is kind of thin and multi-layer dielectric coating while the latter is aluminous. At the same time, the difference exist not only in materials ,but also the reflecting range, and as you know, infrared radiation(heat) and visible radiation(light)would be the target to be drive away. The latter one can reflect both, better than the dichroic one just deal with light. In general, there is also a safe design for the bulb, being matched with a glass cover in front of the reflector, in case of the broken fragment.

Then what about the “16”? Actually, it is a size designation, in order to determine the maximum diameter of the circumference. It is in the increment of eight-of-an-inch,”16”means the 16eight of an inch, 2inches. Of course, the MR11 and MR8 are brothers and sisters of MR16, MR16 is not alone in the regulation.


MR16 get accustomed to be used as architectural lighting application,its relative operating power rating ranges from 10watte to 100watte.In general use, the operating voltage would be lower than 120v, the 12v would be the most universal one among the options for operating voltage, of course, both 24v and 6v can’t be neglected, which are commercially available as well.As all know, the ordinary transformer can reduce the line voltage from the120v to 227v in order to reach the appropriate level, the MR16 has got ability to drive through all the commercial dimmers for low-voltage loads.

And its sockets has variety to choose, most MR16 bulbs rely on the 2-pin base ,bayonet base, turn and lock, some screwbases with integrated transformers.

Different types of led MR16 lamp holder

New one, LED MR16 Bulb

With the rapidly development of led technology, MR16 welcomes another member~ LED MR16 bulb.

The univeral socket for CFL&halogen&LED mr16 MR16 in bipin socket
LED MR16 can provide a better quality than the universal lighting of the halogen and CFL solutions.Compared with the conventional halogen one, the led mr16 do not use multifaceted reflector to control the beam, the creative one tends to innovational ways, including optics of leds, cut-off aperture and individual reflector for each leds. And the quality and color temperature of the white light produced by led mr16 is great, the output is more natural than the halogen one and cooler than fluorescent one. By the way, the color is no only cool-white, but also warn white, which abounds with richness, which can be also a colorful way to help you out in daily life. Led one is significantly good hand in saving energy, compared with the halogen. And the dimmable switch is the feature of the LED MR16so that it will be a faithful friend to the one with higher requirement for flexible control. And thanks to the high power efficiency, MR series has been enjoying welcome by the consumer all around the world.


The MR16 bulb is always be used in the as the replacement bulb with an extensive use. No matter? needing some illumination indoors or outdoors, it can play as the replacement bulb for range hood light ,reading light, down light, directional light. Or you have access to the MR in caravan, motor home, RV and yacht. Especially, it is the model in the accent lighting which is cable to highlight the products in retail store or the specific display, you can scan the picture below, showing the realist use effect of MR in gallery.

The spotlighting effect in gallery from MR16
As you can see in the picture, the shining patterns is spotlight, the light hitting the wall and producing a round shape, and the lighting degrees gradually decrease from the center to the outside, for example, 100% shinning in the center of the light spot, the second point is 80%, and the third one is 60%, the closer the setting point get to the center, the more illumination the point would get.

Take one application area for sample, in the gallery, every work is a color work, which needs a good vision for appreciation .As no one would be willing to enter a dark gallery with a candle. Light is in demand, especially good light for illumination and atmosphere .Therefore, it comes to the MR’s CRI. The CRI specially make services for the light source, measuring the ability of the light source to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. And the CRI of MR16 bulb, with its appropriate function, is capable of making you scan the picture at ease.

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