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The yellow color of the LED dual color camping kit

Jone / 2013-04-22

The yellow color of the LED Dual Colour Camping Light

When you indulge yourself in a well deserved camping trip, having the bugs and moths annoying you can be a real downer. By having one of our Dual Colour Led Camping Light handy you can guarantee your tranquility by means of the special yellow color light coming from your Dual Colour Led Camping Light.

Why the yellow colour works to deter the little critters

Wondering why the yellow light could fight against the enthusiastic insects?

As the secret is a kind of yellow color, with light band in dominant wavelength 580-650 nm which the moth has to dislike naturally. Under such yellow color lighting surrounded, you can keep from nocturnal insects ‘disturbing like the boring moth or mosquito. And the led dual color light is adjustable lighting with gentle illumination, which is comfortable for eye glaring. By the way, please avoid the mix application with fluorescent tube or other light bulb, in case that various waves interfere with each other and lose effect. Unless you miss the camp with moth and mosquito’s circulating around.

The yellow lighting is gentle and not glaring?

Flexible Dual colour camping light vs tradition moth repellent lamp


1. working principle
While the traditional trap lamp is designed by using the nature instinct of insects’ phototaxis, and mosquitoes would drawn to lamp lights and get deadly electric shock by touching high-voltage-power grid around the outer tube. And it makes use of long wave ultraviolet (UVA) lure source, and its lamp wavelength and UV lighting quantity emitted by the trap lamp will influence the mothproof effect. Mosquitoes, also includes a lot of moths, flies, spiders, etc will all to be the victim will not escape, while the LED one just keep them away by means of the mothproof colour ,not to be killing them, which is more environmentally friendly and there is no need to clean up dead bodies.
The trap lamp
2.Impacts on the human health

The impact on the human health should be another focus. As the UV energy of the trap lamp would have something to do with the biology changes. If the skin exposure to the UV for a long time, and the long wave ultraviolet light can deep into the skin.Therefore , the UV gets used to be regarded as one of the factors that cause skin aging and skin cancer. And if the skin exposes to UV for a long time, the eyes would also suffer from lesions such as cataracts and other diseases. Fortunately, the UV containment level of the  Dual colour Led Camping Light is low enough to guarantee no harm to your health.



As you can see the comparison of the lighting principle and lighting influence on health, Dual colour Led Camping Light is environmental, comfortable for the eye’s glaring, taking a overwhelming superiority in the lighting color. Remember choosing a qualified and environmental camping kit, LED dual color camping kit with yellow color!!

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