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Special file for LED wedge bulb base?!

jone / 2013-04-26

Special file of LED wedge bulb base ?!

Have ever heard about LED T10 bulbor access to LED JAYCO light? Actually, they are all designated to name the consistent bulb ~LED wedge bulb. As its characteristic wedge base make the highlight for your easy recognizing. May be you can have an acquaintance with the new lighting partners in a short scan.


LED wedge light commercial white


LED T10 Wedge Bulb cool white


Tower Type LED T10 Wedge Bulb


LED wedge base?

A LED wedge base, you can call it a base for led JAYCO light in wedge pattern, which is a kind of electrical connector, gets used for small light bulbs’ replacement.

well-designed socket with delicate appearance

How it work?

Firstly, we have to have a brief scan of the variety of the base, such as bi-pin base , Edison screw, bayonet base and the leading role today- wedge base. The principle of LED wedge base mainly depend on the comparison, when you fix a bulb with wedge, just need kind of straight in or out force. While the other bases (some bi-pin base, Edison screw, bayonet base), count on either friction by turning or fixing a spring-loaded electrical connector in case of vibration loosening.

Any advantages?

When the topic turns to merits, the bi-pin base can play a role as a comparison target for modeling.

1. Tighter connection

As it is known to all, it looks like a bi-pin connector, but the wedge holds the same wiring to the bulb instead of the bi-pin’s rigid type, and both wires are usually inserted into a plastic base, which has narrower tip than bulb, then a wedge shape is superior in consolidating its connection than a bi-pin style.

2. Easy installation with clear design

LED wedge bulb base’s design owns clear instruction for installation, as the bulb owns dual filaments, one contacting goes inwards while the other tends to be outward, what is more, rotational symmetry of the base is one more factors for easy installation. Therefore, it is no need to confuse the user in determining the exact position of the bulb.

Application range?

Where the LED wedge base can be applied? Or you can say where the LED JAYCO light can be accessed to? It is no doubt that the little bulb with dedicate base would show off its overwhelming superiority in auto, caravan, camper, trailer, and its identity could not only be brake light, turning signal light in high-voltage, also the parking and tail light.

perfect illumination for motorhome, enjoy yourselves.
Easy fixture in caravan ,lovely looking?
Tail lighting of LED wedge bulb
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