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Various 4WD lights

jone / 2013-04-27

Various 4WD lights

Are you one of a modified 4WD fans who is always likes to add a one or more beautiful lights on and off. May someone will ask, whether it shows too exaggeration? No actual action? There is no doubt that some of the adding is just for decoration. But it is a real need for the off-road vehicles to be fitted with additional lamp, and off-road lighting is a very important learning which the off-road drivers have to focus on!

Go out with a 4WD light woulb be a hit!!

4WD lighting is pretty important. It originated in the intercontinental endurance racing vechicles, as the competition requires a frequent driving day and night, and the racer have to run through the dark road, desert and jungle and hillside cliff road, only to set the night lighting really essential for the driving at night. For a 4wd owners, the premise of ?adopting what kind of 4×4 additional lights must be have a understanding about the relative types:

NO.1.Spot light

Spot light is a light of concentrating effect of lighting, that is to say,it is capable of making the light polymerization in a smaller range, and its range of lighting is the farthest, even if the car speed high on the highway, other road users can find your track easily. Then in the jungle, the spot light is also be applied to illuminating the distant objects, and of course , lighting in the night for search and rescue is one application enviroments of the spot light.

Strong enough to fight with the shocking

The basic feature of the spot light is concentrating light, a relatively narrower illuminating range , and farther lighting. So concentrated the lighting, irradiation distance is farthe with floodlighting,which is suitable for installation on the roof rack. At install time, must pay more attention to set any other 4WD lights inside the windshield extension, in case of reflection on the hood or even a windshield reflection, which are a great obstacles for safe driving. And that sheds light on why choose spot light in the rack.

NO.2. Fog light

Fog lamp is one of the most commonly used additional lights. such as driving in fog, due to the astigmatism effect of mist itself , the light dispersion will made when the general light irradiation to the mist, turn out to form a layer of white barrier. And uner the white barrier surrouned,it is not easy for the oncoming driver to realize your existence,which would put yourself at certain risk. But the fog light’s yellow light can guarantee a clear vison and better sense of distance,as the yellow lighting is more easily absorbed by the mist.

Fog lighting

NO.3. Driving light

Once in completely dark environment ,the driving lamp will make the maximum function of lamp. When general high or low light is not eligible to provide all-side lighting, it can supply a more broad and comprehensive radiation area.

Driving light for your 4WD

NO.4. Cornering light

The light has to be applied with the original lamp’s cooperation. When a driver needs a wide field of vision space, this group of cornering lamp has to be helper. Because its refraction surface structure offer a better board surface, and it gets used to offer services in winding path, which are exactally the origins of its name.

The cornering light in various patterms



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