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Make acquaintance with stop light

jone / 2013-05-03

Make acquaintance with stop light

Stop light, the stop signal lights of vehicle, is an essential lighting tool for the securing the night driving safety, if you are on the road, are you ready to befriend with the little and lovely lighting partner? Just come with me.

1. What is stop light??

The stop light ,parking lights also called, is hand brake signal lights for temporary parking. May be you are confused about the difference between the brake light and this .Acutally ,the rear brake light’s shining is a common signals of slowing down or stoping. On contrast,parking lamp is of the signal warning signals , just occurs in an emergency temporary stop.

The colorful stop lighting,which one you prefer??
2. Location

Stop light can be determined by handling the turning light.Leave the car key away,and switch on the turn signal which lights outsides bursts into a lighting that is it. In general conditions, open the turning light in ignition” ON”, the stop light is flashing, when the ignition switch is without a key, the stop light has been being ON, which informs that car is the roadside parking status without the driver at this time

3. When it would be available

When and where it will be applied?The answers all depends on the stop lights’ red, thanks to the strong penetrating power, red light can reach out to the the farthest distance in the air,which is also can see even in the heavy fog weather.It is not only used on the top of the city high-rise buildings also has played an important role on the driver's tip, of course its use of the car is under special conditions, such as parking on the highway, dark place under special conditions, parking fog.
Opening a stop light plays a warning role to attract the attention of behind, for the sake of preventing the drivers behind from collision.That is to say ,there is no need for the stop lighting in general driving,as you can observe, how many stop lights’shinning you can count on the road?
The pratical application from stop light
4. New generation-LED stop light

Recently, the lighting market is extensive selection for stoping lights, like halogen and led light s. Compared to the traditional halogen, the LED stop light takes possession of the same specification except led’s lower power.What is more,LED stop light owns a comparative advantage over the halogen one: good luminous effect, energy saving, green environmental protection, longer service life.The commercial available led stop light can be T10 and BA15D parrel pin,here they are.

The new revolution of the stop light

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