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Handle the Sunlight in hand ~ Adjustable LED Camping Light

jone / 2013-05-16

Handle the Sunlight in hand ~ Adjustable LED Camping Light kit

When indulging yourself into the cold and dark wide night, what would rush into your mind against the chilly and board darkness off and on. As for the camper in the widerness, it can’t be better than to locate the sunlight nearby, but before the fortune knock your door, why not have a try a joinable led camping strip light instead of praying for Apollo’s additional generosity.

Praying for sunlight?Belief in led science is better.

A joinable camping light kit

A joinable camping light, as the name called, takes possession of the extraordinary series installation design, that is to say, you can have all the lighting bar join together with the multi-section splitter cables, And of course, the relative brightness will arise with the light number you add up on the integral system, you is capable of enjoying a multi-choice matching at ease. For instance, series connection, parallel connection or series-parallel connections are free options supplying for your casual fixing requirement.

Delicate design for LED Camping Light

The merits of the camping strip light

As a common sense in the lighting market, the led light enjoys a glorious popularity in the eco-friendly and energy saving, long life span, playing an undoubtedly big hit no matter for manufacturers or for the customers. But what the characteristics of the strip light I am referring to?
Actually, the impressive point you can miss out would be the easy handling with dimmer switch even outside the 10m, and the specific lighting is eye protective without eyestrain without hazel potential. Easy and flexible installation with various fixing methods is one of the elements to champion over the last generation.

1. Further remote control. The led camping lights gets accustomed to inset some cables with quick connectors, which will absolutely do a good job for motivate your fluent installation course. And the length of the current commercial available single cable can add up to 10M,can you imagine you can enjoy an easy light remote control leaving your car out of the bush 10m away ?And undoubtedly the cable limitation comes to an expired when you run across such a long connection partner .

Ohoo!!Freedom from the cable limination

2. Sun lighting ways to shine. As the creative and innovational led technology increasingly improves, the led camping light encounter another new hot wave to getting closer to the sunshine and succeed. As you know, the color temperature of sunshine at noon is 5400k, and Majority of camping light can reach the point but led one would be a superior here,as relying on the 5050 or 3528 super bright led chips inbuilt,? led camping light is with much more excellent shinning lights. And the brilliant heat dissipation system makes a great contribution on the stability of the sun continuous lighting, and its sunshine lighting patterns is guaranteed by another essential element. In your expectation, waterproof again, as some led camping light is completely seal by the silicon with high IP44 resistant water and dust ingress.

Sunshine or light shining??

3. Easy and flexible fixture. Compared with the traditional lantern, the led camping light would tends to multi-installation methods, including chips for zip-tips, chips, Velcro wrap. series or series-parallel connections design and its flexible power charge ways with options like cigarette adaptor and the battery terminal clamp. When you are submerged by the wonders about installation, just set the priority to be the locate the power, lights and the switch, then pull out the long electricity cable to make a easy connection, then you have all the connection done!!!

?4. Flexible power charge solution! Unlike the traditional lanterns, the led camping lights would prefer another intelligent ways to offer continuous qualified illumination, depending on the cigarette adaptors and the battery terminal clamp for a vehicle battery continuous working time, which can reaches to 50000 hours, or instead of the conventional lantern one for several ten hours.

Handle sunlight in hand, it is no more a dream but a target that is getting closer and closer. Just keep the name in mind~ led camping light kit, you can preview the whole day sunshinning future from the innovational creation.

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