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Dimming Mechanism of LED Camping Light Dual Colour

Daisy / 2013-06-08

The dimming mechanism of the LED Camping Light Dual Colour

Our Dual Colour LED Camping Light is the Year 2013 newly instruction product of ALLED, at its product description, you will find the description of Adjust the light from amber to cool white light and control the brightness level of cool white light.

Although the programmed mechanism of this Dual Colour LED Camping Light is complex, the usage is very simple. At the instruction of our image, you may have the knowledge that by pressing the switch, the light will turn between the amber and cool white light. By rotating the switch, the light will go from the maximum brightness level to OFF.

Here we want to explain the dimming mechanism of the LED Camping Light Dual Colour
The dimming mechanism inside the LED Light allows a user to control an intensity of the light over a continuous intensity range, and control which row of LED chips to turn ON( cool white or amber).

Firstly, why this LED Camping Light called dual colour camping light, that is to say, why it can create two kind of lighting color. Actually, you can see on its circuit board, two kinds of LED chips inbuilt, the cool white colour and the amber color.

The first and second colours can be of any suitable combination and allow different lighting combinations to be provided. So that the LED Strip Light can be adapted to selectively emit first and second colours(white and amber), allowing the user to select either white light, which may be used in circumstances requiring high visibility, such as taking a rest inside the camping tent or conducting activities under the awning.  It will further be appreciated, that amber light additionally offers significant advantages in an outdoor context, for example it does not attract insects, which are disruptive during outdoor pursuits, and can carry harmful and potentially fatal diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. 

To attach the function of controlling the selective different co lour LED chips, we use a kind of techology to allow the control of the power supplied to electrician devices. So that the different colors of LED chips can be selectively controlled.


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