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How to choose a right fabric material as your outdoor campin

Daisy / 2013-06-09

With the rapid development of outdoor camping market, a tent is not just only a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over. More and more element will be taken into consideration when choosing a tent. Weight for example, to backpacker, a weight is an element which can not be ignore. Ability to resistant to water, and other environment resistant ability will be placed more emphasis.

70D nylon as the traditional material of tents, now has been replaced by a new generation of materials. The double or single sided silicone coated fabric performs well at this aspect. So this kind of material is performing increasing penetration at this market. Now 40D, 30D, 20D, 15D even the 10D fabric are available for your choice. One common of this material is emphasis on the lightweight and the duration. To better attach the goal of lightweight, the dimater of poles caliber has also been decreased from 11MM to 7.50MM.

The lightweight characteristic is the majority element of the fast development of new generation of tent material.

when changing from the traditional material to the new generation, a few things you need to taking into consideration. The electrostatic reactions for example, and the wind resistant ability is also one thing should be attention. As it is mentioned above, to lessen the weight of the tent, the calibre of the pole has been decreased, meanwhile the ability to resistant to wind will also decrease.

A high quality and reliable tent will give you the feeling of ease and comfortable at exterior environment. As an experienced traveler, you should take balance of all elements when choosing a tent.


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