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LED Vehicle Under Body Light Safety Regulation

Daisy / 2013-07-06

A reliable vehicle under body light can give your vehicle amazing look, besides, it also provides convenience when problems happens on the wheel. Just image a situation, if you are on a off road driving trip on a rural area, the street lights are dim. Suddenly, your vehicle gets caught into wallow. At this time, a reliable under body light will help.

To choose a reliable vehicle under body light, several elements you should keep in mind. Firstly, it should be able to withstand heavy duty environment, its protection grade should be higher than IP66. Secondly, it should be with long service life. Although install a under body light and power it directly from the car battery is not difficult, but I think little people want to come across with such hassle. Under this situation, LED will be a recommended lighting source because it is famous for its long service life.

Besides, as a vehicle places effect on road safety, every country has its regulation on the vehicle modification. Before adding a underbody light to your vehicle. Check your country department of motor vehicle, in Australia; it is called Department of Transports.

To avoid being fined, some tips you should keep in mind when mounting a vehicle LED under body light. As additional lamps, they should be independently controlled. So add a separated switch. Its wiring must not cause interfere with other vehicle indicator lights controllers.

In our following articles, we will talk about the installation issue of a vehicle under body light. But before that, please have look at the safety regulation of vehicle under body light of your local government.

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