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Circuit Connection & application of the LED IR Dimmer

jone / 2013-07-10

Wire Connection & application of the LED IR Dimmer
At the night covered with the sticky tranquility, a pure and even lighting will brighten up not only every nook but also your mood. And when talking about the night rest under a light, no one would exclude the IR DIMMER for the sitting with remote control.

Awesome led adjustable brightness

Here, we will keep you informed of the wire connection and the application in details.

Power Lines ’Attachment

Firstly, taking the FAQ out of customers into considerations, the majority of clients would be plunged into the mess as a result, only turning to the our servicer. Indeed, the installation procedure is simple just like as below:

  1. Pick up the circuit board out from the accessory devices, explore and locate wiring bar, where should be right under the red indicator light. As you can count from top to bottom, there should be four wiring points waiting for wiring. For the sake of easy illumination, each wiring point is marked as No.

Marked NO.

Wiring line


input negative pole (-)


input positive pole (+)


output positive pole(+)


output negative pole(-)

Marked No. & the corresponding lines

The bottom and the front of dimmer cover

    2.   Put and consolidate the back shell on the mounting point, the obvious four oval holes are exactly for the fast fixing up. Strongly recommend using a drill for the installation and punching course had better give way to the fast wiring line.

    3.  Taking out the inner circuit board and leave the outside square frame aside.

    4.   Screw the cover to the back shell according to the corresponding screw points.
    5.   Look for and cover the location of the exposed indicator light with the frosted plastic frame of the protective frame.

Operating the LED IR dimmer

As you can expect, there are double ways to control the brightness of the light, including the common rotating method and the IR remote dimmer. The latter one will catch your attention, won’t it?
The IR dimmer application is indeed of great convenience and humanity. The detailed instruction is as following.

NO.1    Turn on the power source by remove the plastic slice at the tail of dimmer body.

NO.2     Four function area for dimming mechanism.

1. Power setting zone: power on/off button or delay off. Needless to say the on/off button, press it for cutting off or connecting power supply. And the purpose of the delay off switch is for the timing closure, an automotive power off within 30s will be on shown once you press the specific button.

2. Rough brightness adjustment: the up arrow indicates the up brightness while the down arrow will dim the light.


Power setting and brightness adjustment

3. HOTKEY area: Meet personal demand for different brightness level (25% 50%, 75%, 100% of total brightness amount are the provided selections)

HOT KEY area

4. Personal mode: self-setting buttons especial for selecting personal favor brightness. Once the illuminating light is exactly the one you prefer to remain, press one self mode button for 3 seconds, and light will be flick once, which means the insert memory chip has remarked your setting brightness. While operation time is kind of less than 3s, the displaying illumination turns out to be the previous saved brightness.

Personal mode

One more try, one more gain from our ALLED led IR dimmer.

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