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Tutorial to fix the LED Underbody Light

jone / 2013-07-26

Tips to be a hit at night~tutorial to fix the led underbody light

Underbody light is a board lighting accompany  ,playing as the underbody lamp for the 4X4  vehicle, caravan or even boat and marine.

The gallery for distinctive LED lighting from underbody

As far as the utilization in off road dri ving ,just like a common sense to offroad  enthusiasts , underbody light is essential for  the ugged trap or other trap occasions where the& nbsp;tyre situation has to be confirmed at nigh t road. 

After checking if the underbody lamp  is allowed in your state , ensure the regu lation for the color and position place ,  you may need the tutorial 

for installation.

1. Wheel for sufficient mounting room ,recommend you take the left wheeling which is for the better space for ease installation.

Turn the steering for installation space

2. Locate and mark the installation  point under the chassis or other invisible areas of vehicle, the referenced fixing point  ;should be away from high- heat areas ,avoid electrical wires and fuel line. 

Mark the mounting point

3.  Drill proper mounting hole. Use the s maller bit for slow and cautious drill in  case of the mounting hole turns out to be too large to fasten the light body. And pay attention not to  drill too deep to avoid damaging the inner components. 

4.  Cover some silicone on the lamp botto m. It is not only for sticking but for anti-vibration protection according to the practical road  situation. And choose the thick silicone if possible.

                                                                                                                                                       Apply the silicone coat

5.  Screw up, don’t forget to select&nbs p;the mounting bolts in proper length, too long  tends to add the difficulty in fixing and  inner damage. Too short is not sufficient for mounting. 

                                                                                                                                               Screw up the LED underbody lamp

6.  Route the wiring to the battery and&n bsp;connect the toggled switch under the dash b oard. The switch make it ease to control t he underbody lighting by sitting on seat. When you are on the course of connection,  please make sure the power source box is s hut down.

7 . Turn on the electricity source, and c heck the output lighting. 

Check your result of hardwork

When you are trapped on the road to an exciting driving journey at night, the LED Underbody lightcan do you from the invisible nook, not general usage but essential preparation, you might as well bring one to promise the easy and ease on your way home or for venturing .



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