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LED Low Profile Down Light in Elevator Cabin Application

ALLED / 2011-10-08

 LED technology is developing rapidly and LEDs are finding their way in many niche lighting applications. LED has distinctive features that can provide unique solution to special applications which the conventional light sources are not able to. For example, for its relatively small size and great light output, LED becomes a perfect light solution in applications when space is limited. One example of such application is elevator down light. In comparison to profile incandescent down light, LED Low Profile Down light can save at least 7 inches clearance for installation. This makes a great difference in elevator manufactures, the overall reduction in clearance needed for light installation lead to the reduction in the height of elevator cabin. Subsequently, this means great save in materials and weight. Ultimately, this translate to the less  weight and dimension of motor and braking system. This can results in large saving potential at the end.

To exam the flexibility of LED in elevator down light application, the traffic pattern of elevator is the key element to consider.
A research showed that the elevator traffic most happened between 7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm, between these 12 hours, about 8 to 10 hours the elevator is left idle. Apart from the busy business hours, the elevator is only used occasionally. So the conclusion is among 24 hours a day, the effective use of an elevator is just 3 to 4 hours. With appropriate control strategies, LED Down Light in elevator cabin is just consistent with the traffic pattern of elevators for its dimmability and motion-sensing lighting controls

Besides, the elevator operating environment puts strict standard to its inside light source. Elevator vibration shortens the life span of its inside light source in the long term. LED, in contrast, with its toughed design and anti-vibration characteristic is durable even under that condition. This can make a distinct difference in light replacement and maintenance cost comparing with conventional incandescent. What’s more, as a new generation of light source, LED has much longer life expectation of about 50,000Hrs in comparison to that of incandescent. In a word, LED Low Profile Down Light in elevator applications can save not just energy.

To exam the flexibility of LED Low Profile Down Light in elevator applications, the Light Research Centre conducted a project to study the performance and people’s reactions to this technology in a realistic environment. To conduct this project, the Light Research Centre chose and modified an elevator on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus in Troy, NY. LRC. They modified the existing elevator ceiling panel, replaced the incandescent with 6 LED Low Profile Down Light. The LED Down Lights were recessed mounted and required less than 2 inches clearance for installation. To provide the same illumination effect as the previous incandescent down light, 6LED Low Profile Down Light totally creates nearly 300 lumens.

The researchers detected the light output, power consumption. They also asked volunteers to ride the elevators and rate the existing elevator and new elevator.

The project shows that while providing the similar light output and illuminating  effect, the LED Down Light can save nearly 45% energy comparing with incandescent down light. Because LED Down Light can create better comfort and color rendering, it receive better acceptability of riders.

Actually, light comfort level and color rendering are very important in elevator down light illumination. Elevator is often built in public building s and shared by strangers. In the space -limited and sealed elevator cabin environment, lighting not only has the function of illumination, but also let the space look bigger and give comfortable feelings of people inside. Brighter ceiling and walls not only leave the impression of bigger cabin size and space, but also illuminate people’s face at the same time hence avoiding shadow which creates discomfort and nervous feeling between strangers. 

Actually, all technologies should not only consider technology merits but also people’s reaction. The successful put into application lighting technologies are those not only consider the hardware element but also people’s needs. Combining the characteristics of architectural integration, energy consumption, life span, LED Low Profile Down Light is not only fit for elevator cabin application, but also becomes a promising lighting technology in museum lighting, jewelry display lighting and so on.
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