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41LEDs three phases vertical direction camping light

Jenny / 2014-05-19

1.LED camping light in the outdoors and camping activities.
What are the best advantages things can your LED camping light does?
What kind of LED camping tent light you like the most?
To go camping trip, how will you protect yourself from dark places?
In a word, knowing what to look for and avoid during a camping trip research and preparation will help make the trip a pleasantly memorable experience. In the mean while, choose the most suitable light as your camping partner, let's see how this LED camping light works!

2. General product information given by the manufacturers.
Light type: LED camping light application with battery
Product feature: 1LEDs, ABS material, 4 AA batteries (not included), diameter 14.5cm, thickness 2cm, weight is 130G.
Outdoor applications: Camping, hiking, reading, cupboards, boats, horse boxes, garages, a pocket torch etc….
Kits, Accessory: A package for 27 LED camping light, battery rack, hook, AAA No.7 batteries.

Unique selling point characteristics
1) It is available to hoop up in the tent.
2) Convenient for outdoor activities.
3) 41 super bright LED light.
4) 3 types of light modes switch between 29 /12/41 on/off feature.
5) Long lifespan reach 100000 hours.
6) A lightweight camping light.
7) Continue lighting for 24 hours.
8) Long continue hours working time in the wild.
9) 4 x AA batteries (Not included).

Other factual information from seller
1) Popular light used in the outdoors and camping activities.
2) With extra brightness low power consumption and long LED time.
3) This camping lamp can hang up in the tent or indoor as a emergency light.
4) Switch for 29/12/41 LEDs, ON/ OFF.
5)Super power and brightness, it is very great for camping, reading, boating, fishing, car repairs etc.

3. LED camping light specifications after tested.
LED camping light
First /second/third / gears
power: 223 205 225
Watts: 1.4 1.2 1.4
Lumens: 40.92 34.98 44.42
Voltage: 6V
Working temperature: Third gears 45℃
Continuous lighting time:

4. LED Camping tent lights are full of beautiful things in people's eyes. But how we are going to recognize if these lights are more reality, not all lights are fantasy. The point is to trust for what you have seen and experienced. This is how we called stabilization.
To test LED lights, there are professional test equipment to test it's , "wattage, lumens, working temperature", for surely all these tested will be before the light is fully charged.

1) DC voltage stabilizer
2) 59 Mini IR Thermometer

3) Integrating sphere

4) Digital illuminance Tester

5. After tested the vertical and edge illuminations through Digital Illuminance Tester in the tent. It's advantage of Brightness camping LEDs which are enough for indoor activities, but remember not to stay too close to the light. It might hurt your eyes badly.

6. For continue lighting service, this is the most important part which we care about the most. This light can light up for () hours after the test. As the manufacture description says it can light up for 30 hours with four batteries, so reach or not? Besides these, this light is not waterproof designed, so a well light protection before to go camping is to make sure it's working condition.

7. For installation about this light, firstly as it is to hook up on top of the tent, but the hook is not stable and easy to run off if you try to shake. When you happen to meet strong wind while you are camping, your light is going to be fall down regularly, and this light is breakable made it by ABS PC. So make sure it's reliable is necessary.

8. My opinion about this LED Camping light kit, as it is vertical direction way to lighting up your live area, it is well illumination view but can't stay for no longer service. For staying a few nights in the wild, it's not only about longer lighting service but great construction and workmanship to ensure its stable working condition which can against the wind and rain.

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