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LED in Commercial Space Lighting Application

ALLED / 2011-10-11

 In times of energy price roaring and climate change, the reducing of energy consumption has become the global hot topic. But energy conservation seems easier said than done. Take the commercial stores for example, the commercial store design becomes more and more trendy and refined. commercial store often use high illumination to make itself outstanding from the background and create an appeal impression of its goods, which inevitably enhances energy consumption. In general, energy consumption caused by commercial lighting of stores accounts for 25% of total energy consumption of the building. To achieve the same illumination effect, choose the right lighting source can save you money. 

Besides safety issues and creating a comfortable visual environment, decreasing energy consumption has become an important issue to store owner. 

Currently, in commercial space LED is primarily used as indirectly lighting source and display window lighting. In indirectly lighting application, LED Strip Light is used to replace fluorescent tubes because it is available in different lighting color. For the latter replacement, LED lighting is used to replace MR16 Halogen Bulb because of energy efficient characteristic. 

In addition to these two illumination usage, ambient and decorative lighting design has become indispensable to commercial space. Under that condition, the adoption of LED can make a great difference in energy consumption,.

So taking consideration of illumination effect and decorative purpose, we suggest T5 tube as the main source and use LED lights for indirect lighting, decorative lighting, and partial lighting for display windows, floor and storeroom.
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