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LED in Architectural Lighting

ALLED / 2011-11-15

The longevity features of LED significantly reduces maintenance cost, which motives the large applications of LED lighting technology in vending machines, street lighting, gas station lighting and advertising light boxes. Recent years, notable cases of LED lighting in architecture have been common.

Because of its advantages over other traditional lighting sources, LED is finding its way in the application as decoration or flood light for architecture.
As we all know, the change of light and shadow on the exterior of buildings is also an important element in architectural design. LED has different lighting color and adjustable brightness level, which makes it suitable for architectural lighting. Take Shanghai World Expo 2010 for example, it has applied the optical imaging technology to the exterior of the building at night. To achieve this excellent LED architectural lighting design, the designers have to communicate with architectural professionals because to make LED as an integral part of a building, a lot of factors need to consider.

Take installation for example, in order to create a perfect building structure and lighting effect, all the lighting components and fittings have to be well concealed when installed in the building structure. And lighting power supplier and signals should be included in the building structure in the same fashion. What’s more, LED lighting should be installed in accordance with the progress of building construction or maintenance in order to integrate it into the main structure of the building. When applying in architecture lighting, LED needs driver, remote controllers, signal processors and data-receiving cards to control its lighting color and brightness level.


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