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LED bulbs - The bulb of the future

ALLED / 2011-12-19





The LED lamp is often referred to as bulbs of the future. The history of LED lights starts with the discovery of the physical effect of the electroluminescence of the Englishman Henry Joseph Round 1907th It was not until 1962, the first industrially manufactured LED bulb comes on the market. Early 70s are the LED lamps in various colors (red, yellow, green, orange) are also available only in 1997 and the LED lamp with white light available.


Today, the LED lamp with a lifespan of 35,000 hours and a very low power consumption one of the most efficient light sources.


Although the LED lamp is used in diverse fields such as automotive, lighting effects, or signal systems, it is by its economy is also an interesting alternative to the private sector.


In addition to the economy have LED lamps other advantages:


Activated LED lights have no heat,

The light is free from UV and IR radiation. Because of these properties, LED lamps are suitable for lighting pictures and artwork.

Also for outdoor use LED lamps are suitable. Unlike other lamps, LED lamp draws no nocturnal insects, and thus ensure a relaxing evening on the patio home.


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