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LED Care and Maintenance

ALLED / 2011-12-23

Advanced illumination (Ai) manufactures a wide range of lighting products employing various optical enhancements.  These lenses, diffusers, and homogenizers are most often made from acrylic and Mylar.  Care should be taken to avoid damaging any optical surface when unpacking and installing Ai light heads.

The optimal working environment has an ambient temperature of 0 - 60° C (32 - 140 F), with non-condensing humidity of less than 95%, and low dust/particulate emissions.

Care and Cleaning: Periodic cleaning of lights will ensure long and stable operation.  The following cleaning techniques will help to avoid damage to the optical surfaces.

Acrylic & Mylar: Low-pressure air is the preferred choice for minor cleaning and dust removal.  A fine-bristled nylon brush will aid in this process.  When more aggressive cleaning is required, use clean, warm water and a clean, non-contaminating and non-abrasive cloth.  If necessary, a mild non-abrasive detergent - such as dish soap - may be used.

Glass: Low-pressure air.  Some aerosol air sprays contain ESD agents and should not be used, as they may leave residue on the surface.  Use of standard household glass cleaners is not recommended.

DO NOT USE on Acrylic or Mylar: halogens, esters, keytones, aromatics, alcohol, window cleaning sprays or solvents (acetone, benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, etc.). Do not use ammonia based cleaning solutions.

Light Body: The remainder of the light (heatsinks, frame, enclosure, etc.) may be cleaned using the same process as for Acrylic.  Unless specifically designed for the purpose (i.e., certain IP and NEMA rated lights): DO NOT SUBMERGE.  Care must be taken to ensure no liquids of any kind enter the light housing.

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