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Innovation is in our DNA

ALLED / 2012-06-05


From candle to incandescent, from incandescent to CFL, now more and more kinds of lighting methods have made its penetrated into the market. Changing has never stops its step, people have make great endeavor towards the dream of brightness, but one thing remain the same over hundreds of years is, people’s dream towards a better life.

From candle to candle light/ frame light
Before the inventory of electric lighting candles and oil lamps were comm.only used for illumination. In areas without electricity, they are still used routinely. Nowadays, candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value, particularly to set a soft, warm, or romantic ambiance, for emergency lighting during electrical power failures.
To restore the appearance and feeling of the ancient lighting method, but to overcome its shortness, candle light is produced as a substitute.
When seeing the lit candle light emitting the soft and romantic lighting at the ceiling, perhaps it can recall your memory about the candle. Surprised by human’s wisdom, by keep the ancient appearance of candles, but eliminate the potential of fire cause, human are keep their lighting history on by innovation.

Incandescent, a milepost on lighting history
The invention of incandescent is a milepost on human’s lighting history. By heating a filament wire to a high temperature until it grows to produce light, incandescent bulb adopt a completed different method to products light. Accompanies with the wide range of application of electricity, humans’ life have made a great change.
To over the shortness of incandescent bulb, other lighting methods have appeared. CFL( compact fluorescent lamp) for example, which has the advantage of longer life expectation and less heat rating over traditional incandescent bulbs.

Now, at the time of energy price soaring and globe warming, alternative technologies, LED light for example, has make its penetration in some niche marketing sections. Being more durable in variety of weather condition, more color choice, LED is showing its advantage over traditional lighting methods. Although the price of LED lamp is high in some application, as the large adaptations and the mature of this technology, LED is sure to have greater effect on humans’ illumination history.

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