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Cognize Innovation Correctly and Keep Innovating on the Way of LED

ALLED / 2012-07-03

When an innovative idea requires a better business model, or radically redesigns the delivery of value to focus on the customer, a real world experimentation approach increases the chances of market success. Potentially innovative business models and customer experiences can't be tested through traditional market research methods.

Innovation as novelty
If we are interested in the object dimension of innovation, then we focus on the added values of certain products, processes or services. Innovation is always expressed by better technological solution accepted by society. Novelty is just a consequence of innovations' practical implementation. Innovation is always novel. But the key parameter of innovation is an added value for the user.

Innovation as change
When examining the time dimension of innovation, we are no longer interested in new objects new but rather in new processes (that might also lead to new objects). In this context, innovation means refers to transformations, to diffusions and ultimately to change.

Innovation as advantage
In its social dimension, innovation refers to the creation of new forms of advantage in terms of innovative address management (e.g. the use of preferable new or attractive signs in order to stand out from the crowd) or of the realization of advances.

One of our most important concepts of developing LED products is innovation. It is also the main reason for us to keep our status in the LED market.

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