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Listen to what customer says

ALLED / 2012-07-31

Listen to what our customer says

Innovation has been the important factor to keep one corporate outstanding in the competitive market.
In contrast to the method of placing much attention to Research and Development Department,ALLED will incorporate the end-user experience in the process of innovation. Now the ALLED community is the space for our customer to speak their ideas out.
We believe that our customer knows the best. Actually, it is the customers’ experience creating influential experiences. By spotting customers’ recognized need, ALLED can always create new forms of advantages of our products.
Actually, innovation is not always the privilege of the engineer; even a little change to add values to create certain forms of advantages, we call it innovations. From incandescent to CFL, from CFL to LED, we call these technological breakthroughs innovation.
When comparing to these technological breakthroughs, a little improvement on the product design may seem trivial. But actually it is the accumulation of this little improvement that make sense.
So what is the source of this little improvement? The answer is YOU, OUR DEAR CUSTOMER. Whatever ideas have hit you at the process of using illumination, just share it with us, maybe someday, your ideas may be implemented by our engineers. Then you are the person who makes a progress at human’s lighting history.
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