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LED Camping Light for Your Convenience

ALLED / 2012-11-15

This LED Camping Light is an ultra new products for your camping, off road driving applications.

Mostly all the light for camping applications can not avoid one of the problems below, a camping lantern for example, you need to pack it up, which will add to your package weight. The light with cigarette connector but not energy efficient lighting element will use out your battery soon. If packing fragile illumination source outside, you always can not avoid the break accident.

Now our
camping light almost overcome all of the difficulties said above. With a flexible cover, and a flexible light strip inside, it has the convenience of able to fold, which is suitable for all kind of uncertain situation.

With this LED Camping Light near hand, you no longer need to pack the lantern/ torch when camping at night.

You have the most convenient lighting source that, you never have to worry about all the inconvenience when cooking after dark.

With LED cool lighting source, you no longer have to suffer with the hot element from gas lamps.
Equipped with innovational LED technology, it provides long continuous illumination for your vehicle battery. You can leave along the light on all light without worrying about the power usage out.

A dimmer switch add to your flexibility when you want to conduct different kind of activities which needs different brightness level.
With the transparent outside cover, it is 80% to 90% less attraction to insects than conventional lights.

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