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Do not want to do the first LED business is not a good brand

Alled / 2013-02-28


Today in the LED industry, many companies will do the best job that own LED. But fortunately, it is easy to homogeneity. Olympic Games, was the number of gold medals, the winner is who we know very well. But the silver medal and a bronze medal is how much we perhaps are unclear. Because consumers only remember the first who. Do the LED market positioning is actually the same token, the enterprise must be done first. But it has a lot of the first, not to say that you do, others first.

For example, LED bulb replacement to do the first, LED lights with do first, or you can do the LED luminous efficiency LED price can even do the power first, be the first luminous efficiency is said companies must find a first.

Hotel LED lighting, for example, if the cooling system to achieve the industry's first light for three days and three nights, will always be less than 45 degrees, then the cooling system to achieve the country's first Party (Hotel) will sense interest.

Then, is the promotion of the first, what is this standard? Optical efficiency or CRI, or enterprise social value. Identify the point after and storytelling. How do you mean? Whom speak? This is not important, the key is to continue speaking until it speaks to industry standards.

Usually, the designer actually do not know the election lamp standards, on the election of good-looking appearance, high luminous efficiency chosen. Party does not know the LED in the end who is the first, or even the so-called distributors, dealers, contractors also not clear in the end who luminous efficiency first. If you locate one, do not overlap with others, publicity is the first people to remember you, to sales. The dealer is playing the first batch of the first one million or two million, if you do not have the first, who will give you the first dealers to make money.

Talking about an industry standard, and what should be given a standard. LED is not standard, if the LED business is able to talk about standards, such as what is the standard of hotel lighting, corporate standards development, and then talk to elaboration until impact or help to form a professional judgment.

Of course, the most important thing is that the enterprise itself must have a solid technical and after-sales system.
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