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Development of the LED Industry

Alled / 2013-03-01


Development of the LED industry growth, many foreign countries and the government is special attention to the LED lighting market, they are adopting a series of policies to promote the development of LED lighting industry. Well, we take a look at how governments around the world are vigorously support the LED industry.
      I: Korea LED R & D, five years have invested $ 279 million
      In early 2009, the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy focused investment of public institutions to promote the LED core original technology development and the popularization of LED lighting to the new policy is focused on how innovative LED technology fused with both industrial lighting, medical, and create more high value-added technology.
      In May 2011, South Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy said in a meeting of economic policy adjustment, to promote the integration of technology development in the LED industry, the next five years will be compiled out of a total of 300 billion won ($ 279 million) budget support, and preparatory to promote the LED industry the Yuejin support strategy.
      The South Korean government plans to LED lighting integration and promote the cause of the world's advanced position in 2015, would ensure the competitiveness of the new market-driven, to ensure market creation and consumer confidence, and constitute a virtuous cycle of industrial ecology major policy tasks. Meanwhile, the lighting function planned for implementation in the year 2011 marked the system and after the management results of the evaluation system, to facilitate the consumers to identify products.
      II: Austria the amendment modified LED lighting system power subsidies granted by enterprise policy
      The Austrian government through the 2011 environment promotion programs to encourage enterprises converted LED lighting systems and energy-saving power system, encourage enterprises and individuals to heat renovation of commercial buildings and private residences.
      Austrian Environment Minister Bell Lakovic that these incentives is not only conducive to energy saving and environmental protection, will also help Austria ordinary families to reduce energy consumption, to help companies reduce operating costs, at the same time to play a positive role to create jobs and promote economic recovery .
      Enterprise environment to promote the plan Plan Enterprise refit LED lighting system to provide new funding program. The subsidy amount is based on the power of the enterprise the refit LED lighting system and the maximum does not exceed 30% of the total investment of the enterprise transformation. The Austrian government hopes to fully tap the energy-saving potential pass incentives to save operating costs at the same time to achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
      III: EU's "Rainbow Project" to promote high-density optical disc market growth
      In July 2000, the EU implementation of the "Rainbow Plan, the establishment of the implementation of the General Administration (ECCR), white LED applications to support the promotion of the EU BRITE / EURAM-3 program, and perform commissioned six companies and two universities.
      "Rainbow Plan" which lasted 42 months, the main content is the development of GaN-based devices and related manufacturing infrastructure, and hope to achieve through the application of semiconductor lighting efficiency, energy saving, the use of environmentally harmful materials, simulating natural light target. The plan to promote growth in two important markets: First, high brightness outdoor lighting, such as traffic lights, large outdoor signs, car lights, etc.;, high-density CD storage.
     Seen by the policies of individual countries, the countries of the LED lighting industry is still very optimistic about the efforts to support. LED lighting relative to the domestic market and of course, the foreign market is more mature, more market penetration.
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