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the Development of the Tunnel Lights in Some Countries

Alled / 2013-03-01


Mentioned tunnel lights, I think we all should know, tunnel lights, LED lights working principle is based on solar energy, the daytime will absorb the solar energy stored in solar batteries, battery night to give the light source power supply. But the countries of the tunnel lights is not the same, and now we analyze the development of the tunnel lights in some countries.
  (1) tunnel lamps in China. The price is more expensive tunnel lights, led to some areas have not, the tunnel light penetration rate of about 30 percent, used mainly in the city.
 (2) Tunnel light of developments in the United States. U.S. government support and the use of high-tech products, is mostly a combination of tunnel lights and street lights, tunnel lights rate reached more than 90% of the United States is the world's largest country of the tunnel light penetration.
 (3) in the development of Russia's tunnel lights. Russia sunlight relatively short time, led tunnel lamp is not suitable for use, but more extensive application of wind energy in Russia.
 (4) tunnel lights development in Japan. Japan as a country of a quality and technology development, tunnel light industry in the world, occupies a leading
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