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External LED lights species

Alled / 2013-03-04

Common external lights: headlamps, fog lamps, license plate lights, down lights, brake lights, turn signals, position-indicating lights, marker lights, parking lights and warning lights and daytime running lights. External lighting light color generally white, orange, yellow and red; vehicles to perform special tasks, such as fire engines, police cars, ambulances, emergency rescue vehicles, has a priority right of passage for the red, yellow or blue flashing warning lights. Motor vehicle shall attend a safety inspection and testing to ensure the full and effective external lighting.
(1) commonly known as "headlight headlamp, mounted on the car side of the head, before the road used to lighting vehicles. Two-lamp system, divided into four lamp system. Mounted on the outside of the corresponding four-lamp system headlight mounted side by side, near, far optical double-beam lights; mounted on the inside of a corresponding far light single-beam lights. High beam is generally 40-60W, near light typically 35-55W.
(2) Fog is mounted on the car the head or tail. Used to improve the lighting of the car before the road in case of fog, snow, heavy rain or dust diffuse. LED front fog lamps power of 3-5W, light color is orange. Rear fog lamp power is 3W or 5, the light color is red, as a warning to trailing vehicles to keep a safe distance.
(3) LED license plate lamp mounted above or to the left and right sides at the rear of the car license for lighting after license power is generally 1-2W, to ensure pedestrian car 20m at to see the text and numbers on the license.
(4) LED downlights installed in the rear of the car, when the Transmission hanging reverse, shiny, lighting a car rear, while warning the rear of vehicles and pedestrians pay attention to safety. Power is generally 2-5W, light color is white.
(5), commonly known as LED brake lights, brake lights. Mounted on the rear of the car. Give a strong red light when the brake pedal is depressed, and to show the brake. Power of 2-5W, light color is red, the lampshade display area of ​​the latter position-indicating lights. To avoid trailing the risk of collision of large trucks on the cars, the cars rear window brake lights can be installed rows of light-emitting diode display (LED lights with).
(6) LED turn lights the main steering lamp generally installed in the automotive head and tail of the left and right sides, for indicating vehicle travel tend. The car the middle of the side of the car equipped with side lights. Main turn signal power for 1-3W, side lights 2W, light color for the stray color. Steering, lights flashing shape, frequency defined as 1.sic.5HZ, the starting time is not greater than 1.5s. Need other vehicles to take necessary precautions in the emergency distress like all the turn signal switch is turned on by the hazard warning lights flash simultaneously.
(7) position-indicating LED lights, also known as "The width light, position lights, mounted on the front of the car, the back and side, night driving, then headlamp, position-indicating lights, instrument lights and license plate lamp light at the same to flag the shape and position of the vehicle. General power 0.5W-2W. Commonly known as "Little Light" front position lamp, the light color is white or yellow, commonly known as the "tail" rear position lamps, light color is red; the lateral light color amber.
(8) LED outline marker lamps commonly known as the "corner beacon, empty vehicles more than 3m vehicles should be installed marker lights, marked vehicle contour. Outline marker lamps for general power is 3W.
(9) parking lights mounted on the front and rear sides, requirements can confirm the distance from the front of the car and the rear of the 150m light signals, requiring light at the front of the car color is white, and the rear of the vehicle at the red. Night in the car, the parking lights turned on signs the vehicle shape and position.
(10) The warning lights are generally installed in the car at the top, used to mark a special type of the vehicle, power 5-10W. Fire engines, police cars with red ambulance blue rotating speed 2 6 times per second; buses and taxis as white, yellow. Taxi Empty marked lights mounted on the dashboard, the power of 3-6W, light color on red, and white.
(11) LED daytime running lights mounted on the front body daytime running lights, the vehicle easier to be recognized when the daytime running lamps. Its efficacy is not in order so that the driver can see the road, but to let people know there is a car coming. This lamp is not lighting, but a semaphore. Of course, allows cars fitted with daytime running lights looks cooler, more dazzling, but the maximum effect of daytime running lights, not that beautiful, but the vehicles are identified. 2011 years ago in Europe to enforce motor vehicle daytime running lights, LED will be more widely used in automobiles.

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