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LED Indoor Lighting

Alled / 2013-03-05

The advent of LED lights source of the earliest applications of semiconductor PN junction light-emitting principle made ​​in the early 1960s. Material was GaAsP, fat red (λp = 650nm), at a drive current of 20 mA, the luminous flux is only a few thousandths of lumens, luminous efficiency of about 0.1 lumens / watt. Now the LED have a big improment.We are going to introduce some LED indoor lights today.

A LED indoor lighting series of high-power spotlights, small power lamp cup, LED fluorescent lights, PAR lamps, cellular, bulb, ceiling light, etc.
B, LED landscape lighting Series line lights, wall lights, underwater lights, floodlights, garden lights, etc.
C, LED city lighting series guardrail tube, rainbow tube, point source, floor tiles
The D LED advertising light source series of indoor and outdoor waterproof two categories.
1, LED advantages:
LED lamp cup using imported components, innovative design, a significant saving, convenient and practical, safe and reliable, long life and modern product is the most environmentally friendly, the most energy-efficient lighting source LED lamp cup and incandescent compared to a year each which can save 101.52 degrees.
2, LED characteristics:
Using ultra-high brightness LED as the light source, the light color is comfortable, soft, no flicker, no ultraviolet radiation, has a small, easy to install, adjustable projection angle, nice shape.
Voltage selectable range: 12V 24V 110V 220V
Rich colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful
Ease of Installation: interface form, the domestic application of the B series, E27, MR16 interface abroad apply E-Series, GU series, MR series our company can be customized.
3, the range of applications: apply to the corridor, washroom, corridor, storehouse, hotel, bar, western restaurant, the atmosphere, home lighting, entertainment venues, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition hall, courtyard views, project planning, such as lighting.
1, only for indoor use, IP54
2 lamps work to avoid hand
Lamp cup light cup made ​​of high quality tempered glass surface electrostatic spray, small size, easy installation, large projection angle adjustment range. Elegant and unique, dust, leakage power.
Energy efficient, no heat, no glare, long life of 8-10 million hours, changes in procedures is rich, colorful, seven-color Hsi change, transition, chase, water and other tricks, control can be programmed according to user requirements.
The spotlights are widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, advertising lighting and other places of lighting, to bring you a fantastic mood. And applicable to the place of museums, art galleries, exhibits showcase lighting require low heat.

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