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LED in Refrigerator Display Application

alled / 2011-08-16


Supermarkets use lighted refrigerator and freezer cases to display foods and vegetables .Lighted foods inside can give an appeal impression to consumers and enhance sale. But it is costly at electricity. According to surveys, commercial refrigerators and freezer cases account for nearly half of a supermarket’s annual electricity costs. More than 20% of electricity is used for lighting in refrigerator and freezing display. Most commercial refrigerators and freezers use linear fluorescent lamps to light the interior area. Although fluorescent lamps have the characteristic of energy-efficient at some applications, but fluorescent lamps is not ideal in the cold environment in refrigerator and freezer. Because the performance of fluorescent will be poor when working temperatures drop .It becomes less energy efficient, provides uneven light which lead to dark area in the refrigerator. 


Alternative lighting solution may provide better lighting to compensate the limitation of fluorescent lamps in cold temperature environment. Light Emitting Diode( LED) as a new generation light source, may become the flexible lighting solution in cold environment because it still works work well and won’t suffer the drop in performance as fluorescent when come across with cold temperature. What’ s more, LED can provide even light distribution in the refrigerator inside, and lighting uniformity can give the foods a more appealing appearance.


What’s more, LED have the advantage of directional light over fluorescent lamps. Traditionally, fluorescent lamps are mounted vertically on the refrigerator, it produce diffused light at all direction. A large percentage of light is lost, but not used at the goods illumination. Besides, light spread near the lamp but not spread around the refrigerator to create even light effect. This leave some space dark in the refrigerator. LEDs can overcome this disadvantage because of its directional light design. Light is directed to illuminate a particular area. This leads to higher light usage efficient of LED and leave the impression of lighting uniformity.



A research conducted by Light Research Center found that shoppers overwhelming prefer LED lighting inside refrigerator because LED improves lighting merchandize, give brighter and more even light distribution and let the goods in the refrigerator look appealing and energy efficient. Even when LED is dimmed to 80% of the precise light output, consumers still express strong preference to LED refrigerator lighting.

In addition to higher light usage and better light uniformity, LED has the advantage of long life span over fluorescent lamps. This means maintenance cost will be cut by applying LED solution in refrigerator.


The flexibility of LED light is a plus when compare with fluorescent light in refrigerator application. LED Flexible Strip Light for example, its ultra flexible and slim design makes it available even in space limited areas. If LED can replace the fluorescent lamps as the refrigerator lighting source, perhaps the refrigerator can be redesigned to be more cool air efficient and maximize the cool air usage.


Performing well in cold temperature, providing better lighting uniformity, directional light, flexible design, long life span and energy efficient, all this characteristics makes LED a better lighting solution in commercial refrigerator application. Although for some elements, the use of LED in refrigerator display is still limited, as the maturing of LED technology, this lighting technology is sure to be widely adopted.



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