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Recreational Vehicle Life

Alled / 2013-03-06

“Outside the car world, inside the car's own "travel and living fully combined, you walk along the road, the music in which RV everything like a hotel room, bedroom, kitchen, toilets, indoor temperature, hot and cold water supply. Such travel is undoubtedly free, where to go live without Hotel, not afraid of the wind and rain, comfort and well-being. Let`s answer about some question about the life in the RV.

1st question - How do you cook?
We cook on a normal gas oven, complete with grill with a four ring burner. Ok its not big enough to cook the Christmas turkey but joints of meat can be easily done. We also have the Cadac which gets a lot of use as you have probably noticed!
2nd question - How do you shower?
We have a full size shower within our caravan, even for a portly gentleman as myself its big enough. The shower curtain does tend to stick to my arse when I bend down to pick up the shower gel, but that would happen if I was in a house!

3rd question - Where do you go to the toilet?
I told someone I went out with a shovel and dug a hole the other day, you should of seen the look on their face! But, seriously we have a toilet as you can see, not only that but it swivels! Great for optimum foot placement! Bet you don`t  have that at home! It flushes as well. Back in the early days I wrote a whole post on how it works!

4th question - What about electricity?
We have an advantage of you house dwellers! When on site we always have electric hook up, which means we run a cable from our caravan to an electric point on the site. This price is included with in the nightly fee and we are not limited on its use. However, if there is a power cut we have back up batteries which will run lights etc.

The heating system is dual fuel, so we can either run on gas or electric, the fridge can be run 3 ways! Gas, 240v or 12v electric!

5th question - What about water?
On every site its a requirement to have drinking water, we use 2 x 29 litre aqua rolls which are easy to fill. They then connect to the caravans water pump and is sucked in when required. There is a hot water tank which heats the water to 70 degrees, and we have 2 sinks, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, and obviously the shower. Hot and cold running water at the turn of the tap. No different to a house.


The use of the RV crowd is the crowd know how to enjoy life, because they love life, the pursuit of freedom. RV sales in Europe and the United States is now on the rise, and the number is increasing.With the improvement of living standards and improve road traffic conditions, and travel by car to become the new fashion, RV travel will be more and more people accepted and loved.

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