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How to Grow With LED Grow Lights

Monika / 2013-03-06
  1. Adjust the height of the LED grow light to increase or decrease inter-nodal length. This may sound obvious, however, with all the opinions on the height that led grow lights have to be hung it's time to give some sound advice.
  2. Early vegetative stage - Position the LED grow light to be approximately 300mm above plants. This ensures the minimum inter-nodal length possible and provides more inter-nodes relevant to the plants height.
    Vegetative stage - The light can now be raised to between 300-600mm above the plant, the distance will be in proportion to the canopy density of the plant. Plants with a lot of leaf cover will require the light to be lower to the plant to ensure the LED grow light punches the light down to lower branches, plants with a more open canopy can have the LED grow light raised higher. Ultimately it is the grower's choice of whether he or she wants small or larger inter nodal lengths.An important point to remember is your plants light requirements , if your plants require high light levels the light should be positioned approx 300mm above the plants. If the plants require low light levels then the light will need to be positioned 600mm above the plants, maybe higher depending upon the exact amount of light required.Remember watch how your plants grow , they will tell you whether they need the light closer or further away.
    Flowering, budding stage - The light can be maintained again anywhere between 300-600mm above the plant canopy. Generally speaking approximately 400mm above the canopy appears to be a favourable height for lights to be hung.
  3. Alter your watering as needed. Watering causes some problems to those starting out with LED growing. Most watering/feeding guides are based on HPS lighting where evaporation occurs and daily watering is required to replace the evaporated water, feed, etc. from the pots (if growing in soil). The evaporation of the water/feed etc is not an issue with LED grow lights however the possibility of over watering is a very real danger.
  4. Know what to feed your plants. Plants grown under LED grow lights usually only require approximately 30% of feeding compared to HPS lighting. You would all so do well to add Cal-Mag when growing with LEDs
  5. In hydroponic systems, less topping up of the nutrient reservoirs are required due to the reduced evaporation of the nutrients.
  6. Supplementary heating maybe required to boost the grow room temperature in winter months. Heat in the growing area is drastically reduced compared to HPS lighting. This reduces heat stress to the plants however in cold conditions a watchful eye must be kept on the temperature of the growing area
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