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How to Install Neon/LEDs to Your Car Battery

Monika / 2013-03-06
  1. Locate your car battery. You need to find your car's battery and know basically how it works. The black terminal is negative and the red is positive. You'll need to know this before you go on. Get familiar with these colors. After you have become familiar with the system take off the cords going to the red (positive) terminal and add on a terminal ring to it.
  2. Attach your wire. After attaching your terminal ring you'll need to find a correct gauge wire to get the proper amount of power. The highest gauge you should be worried about using for this project is 16 gauge.
  3. Running through your firewall. Get your cord and run it through your car's firewall which is the metal wall separating your engine's heat from the front of the inside of your car. Find a preexisting hole to slide the wire through or make you own.
  4. Adding your Distributor. A distributor is a device that takes one cord and makes it into multiple ports for cords - very useful so that you can add multiple lights, as you'll be inclined to do. Attach the distributor box to your wire that is attached to your battery.
  5. Add on the neon/LEDs. Add your lighting to the distribution box and enjoy the light!
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