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How to Change a Gu10 Halogen Light Bulb

Monika / 2013-03-07
  1. Remove the plastic coated metal ring. There should be two plug bits on this ring. Squeeze them together and the ring will fall out.
  2. Find a drinking straw.
  3. Flatten the drinking straw and then push one end up between the rim of the light fixture and the bulb. You will want to push a good inch and a half of the straw up into the gap. Then take the straw and move it around the circumference of the light bulb. You may need to do this a couple of times. For best results, treat the straw like an old fashion can opener. You need to do this because the wires that hold the bulb into place are held by a clip in the top of the light fixture. The straw causes the clip to release the wires which allows you to grip the bulb.
  4. Unscrew the light bulb. But wait! This is not as easy as it should be. The bulb's end is a white plug shaped mechanism. You will need to grab the socket in one hand and the bulb in the other. Then push the bulb (gently!) into the socket and turn counter-clockwise. Sort of like a medicine bottle, except its a light bulb.
  5. Throw away the old bulb. There isn't a visible difference between a good bulb and a burned out bulb. Don't risk confusing the the two.
  6. Examine the now-empty socket. See those little holes in the middle? There are four of them. You want to line the new bulb's plug so that it fits into the larger holes. Then you turn it clockwise until you feel it "snap" into place.
  7. Push the wires back up under the metal clip (if possible). As you do this, work the bulb back into the fixture.
  8. Replace the plastic coated ring
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