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How to install a Flexible Strip Light

Daisy / 2013-03-07

LED Flexible Strip Light, it also has the names of LED Rope Light, Light Ribbon, which means the light with LEDs are coated on a flexible light circuit board. So you can bend it, or fix it at every corner where space is limited and illumination may be needed.
As the construction of this kind of light is different from others with rigid body. So here we want to talk about the step by step installation of the LED Flexible Strip Light.
Before installation, please consider the following points.
1, The light can be mounted around corners.
2, It is cuttable.
3, Paste it or fix it by clip is both OK.
4, This kind of light has both functions of illumination, ambiance and decorative.

Now installation begin!
Step1, Determine where you want your Flexible Strip Light for the best effect and illumination.  Measure the length of the areas where you want to install your rope lighting which be will the reference of how long of light you need, or how long each part should be cut.

Step2, Turn OFF electricity on the main electricity panel. Wiring the light. Before connect it to the electricity, please read the user manual carefully to pay attention to the input voltage of the light, as these lights are both available in 24V, 12V.

Step3, Fix the light. As normal Flexible Strip Light has one side to be pasted. So before using the clips, you can try whether the paste side is strong enough to hold the light. If not, then use the clips. Nail the clips in only half the length of the nails. This will give you space to slide the rope lighting in under the clips.
Slide your rope in position along the line of clips. You will be able to slip some ropes up into the clips, while other arrangements will require you to slide through the open arch of the clips like a snake. In either case, slide the rope through all the clips before proceeding. Nail down all clips the rest of the way to secure the rope lighting in place.

Step4, Test ON/ OFF.

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