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Something about Down Light

Alled / 2013-03-11

Improvement on the basis of the traditional LED Downlight Product development of new application of LED lighting source, compared with the traditional downlight has the following advantages: energy-saving, low-carbon, life, color is good, and fast response. LED downlight designed the beautiful light, to maintain the overall unity of architectural decoration and perfect, does not destroy the lamp settings can be installed, of building decoration possession inside the light source, the light source is not exposed, no glare, visual effects; soft uniform.
LED Downlight is an embedded shot lighting in the ceiling light. The LED downlight belongs directional lighting, only its opposite can be affected by light, the beam angle belonging to the condenser, the light is more concentrated, strong chiaroscuro. More prominent illuminated objects, high lumens, but also bring out the quiet atmosphere.

The LED downlights indoor lighting applicability, but also because of its many other advantages of the characteristics:
1, LED downlight more beautiful home improvement. Downlight help maintain the overall unity of the interior decoration and perfect, does not destroy the chandelier lighting settings, light sources hidden in decorative internal, not exposed, glare-free LED light source gives the a softer visual effects, uniform.
LED energy-saving help families reduce electricity costs: equal brightness power consumption is 1/4 of the ordinary energy-saving lamps, an LED downlight month for a family electricity savings of tens of dollars.
3, LED Downlight is not fragile, recyclable, environmentally friendly and strong: no mercury and other harmful substances, environmental pollution. And power saving, equivalent to a reduction of carbon emissions. Meet the family life of the energy saving concept promotion.
LED Downlight longevity: LED lamp life of 50,000 hours, six hours a day, life expectancy is 20 years. This is for families to buy lamps to reduce a substantial amount of costs.

LED downlight installation considerations:
First, open the the LED downlight packaging should immediately check whether the product is intact. Failure caused by non-human or manual requirements, turning back to the retailer or directly refunded at the manufacturers replacement.
Second, before installing cut off the power to ensure that the switch is in the closed state, to prevent electric shock, the lighting lit, the hands do not touch the lamp surface. This lamp should avoid installation in the heat and hot steam, corrosive gases, so as not to affect the life span.

Third, prior to use according to the number of installations confirm adapted to power. This product is for indoor use only, outdoor, please note waterproof before installation to ensure that the installation position can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.

Fourth, the product is not working, frequently through the power-off state, so that will affect their life.

Fifth,Installed in no vibration, no swinging, no fire hazards flat place, careful to avoid the high-altitude drop a hard object collision percussion.

Sixth, such as the long-term disabled, LED lamp should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment, prohibit the storage and use of the wet, hot or flammable and explosive places.

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