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Basic knowledge of high-power LED color temperature

Alled / 2013-03-19


High power LED products, an important specification digital is the color temperature, which related to the the color characteristics shown by the high-power LED lighting products, general lamps have a color temperature specifications. The color temperature of the level measurement units based KelvinScale, that is, K units, a start is Kjeldahl dissolved metal to the highest temperature observed in the steel plant, metal shiny presents different colors, and recorded to the data unit, later to produce a color temperature specifications table.
First, the definition of high-power LED Color temperature:
Absolute temperature K standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain extent, the blackbody color dark red - light red - orange - white - blue, gradually changing the color of a light source with a blackbody same we blackbody when the absolute temperature is referred to as the color temperature of the light source.
Second, the color temperature under different light sources environment:
The following are common lighting color temperature,
Halogen lamp 3000k
Incandescent light 2700k
High pressure sodium lamp 1950-2250k
Candle light 2000k
A metal halide lamp 4000-4600k
Cool camp light lamp 4000-5000k
High-pressure mercury lamp 3450-3750k
2500-3000k Warm Fluorescent
Clear Sky 8000-8500k
Overcast 6500-7500k
Midday summer sun 5500k
Afternoon daylight 4000k
Third, the high-power LED light color in different color temperatures:
1. Low color temperature: The color temperature below 3300K, the light color cast red give a warm feeling; sedate atmosphere, warm feel; make more vivid red when low color temperature light irradiation.
2. In color temperature: The color temperature of 3000 - 6000K for the middle, no particularly obvious visual psychological effect hue, refreshing feeling; so called "neutral" color temperature. When the color temperature light irradiation, blue with cool feeling.
3. High color temperature: The color temperature higher than 6000K, bluish light color gives a cool feeling, when the high color temperature light sources according to make objects feel cold.
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