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How to Adjust Recessed Lighting

Monika / 2013-03-19


  1. Determine the type of recessed lighting installed in the space. Many designs include lights that are mounted onto tracks recessed in a section of the wall. Some designs call for the lights to be uncovered, which allow easy access. Others are protected by a screen or clear panel that must be moved in order to reach each individual light.
  2. Get some idea of what type of adjustments are necessary. This calls for determining how 1 or more of the lights in the track panel should be redirected to achieve the look desired. Having some idea of how you want to adjust the lighting before actually starting the process saves time and also reduces the frustration that comes from trying first 1 combination of adjustments and then another.
  3. Identify how to go about adjusting each light in the recessed lighting panel. With simpler designs, the process will call for using the hands to swivel each individual light by hand. Other plans are designed with switches or control panels that make it possible to move each light without actually touching a socket or facing on the led lights bulbs.
  4. Initiate the adjustments to the recessed lighting. Using either the manual approach or the use of a control mechanism, reposition each light so that the direction is ideal for your purposes. Take the time to position each individual light in the track 1 at a time to ensure the direction is in line with your overall plan. Avoid making any secondary adjustments until you have moved each light to what you think is the best position.
  5. Tweak your new recessed lighting scheme. After completing the first round of adjustments, step back and check for the effect of the new directions of each of the individual lights. Note which beams of light are not quite in the direction you have in mind, and make adjustments as needed.


  • If the recessed lighting adjustment is taking place for a special event, try to recreate the conditions for that event as best as possible. Close the draperies, and turn on any accent lighting that will also be used in tandem with the recessed lighting before you begin to make adjustments. This will make it easier to settle on the right combination of recessed and accent lighting to illuminate the space to best advantage and create the atmosphere for the space that you have in mind.
  • Since there are different types of recessed lighting, it may be necessary to loosen a panel or a cover in order to reach the lights requiring adjustment. Consult the user instructions that came with the lights, and make sure to use the right type of screwdriver and other tools to manage the task. Doing so will minimize the risk of damaging something during the adjustment to the recessed lighting that ultimately requires an expensive repair or replacement.

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