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The superior illumination effect of the LED MR16

jone / 2013-04-19

The superior illumination effect of the LED MR16

Wondering if the lighting quality of the LED MR16 is worthy to motive your purchasing? No idea whether it works as well as the handbills’ whooping up compared with other light?What is the real lighting effect in daily environment of the little stranger?
I am standing by you and leading you to get acquainted with the delicate smart bulb.

The LED MR16 bulb 's soft illumination
To check in CRI &CT standard?

Making a judgment in the illumination quality by cri or ct, do not waste your time. As it is known, CRI tells how well the ability of light source render the color compared with the standard. However, it is not practical for showing rendering quality, especially for fluorescent or white LEDs with limited emitting spectrum. What is more, CRI works discontinuously at 5000 K. So just forget the CRI, Then, what about the CT, which is to tell you apparent “warmth” or “coolness” of the lighting. But as a common buyer who would take a great trouble to figure out a complicated mathematical formula before shopping, a simple picture of its lighting looks in reality would be better, and don’t forget to enclose the users’ real opinions, unless you are lingering away a tiresome vacation.

What about the lighting effect ?

So, what about the lighting looks? Actually, the stunning light quality of LED can be treated as the reference, now let us make the topic be figured out in optic world.

As everyone knows, the light from different lighting fixture, bringing out different illumination and atmosphere. Daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapor, LEDs are the types you are have easy access to, and here we go from the daylight.

Daylight, the white in your eyes is tricking you out as it is composed of rainbow colors, Indeed, it is a standard to be compared for other light source.

Incandescent, seems to looks like the sunshine with all rainbow colors, but the higher red make occasion much warmer than daylight. And different shade of blue light is not easy to recognize from the incandescent light.

Fluorescent, whose lighting quality greatly depends on the phosphor inside. And the different qualities of the phosphor, different effects come out. But needless to say the cheap one, the best phosphor’s lighting will leave out many rainbow lighting.

Halogen is made of rainbow lighting as incandescent, but thanks to its gas inside, it can stand higher temperature so that it is more efficient, and it is brighter because it is cable to transform the emission towards the blue end of the color spectrum.

Mercury vapor, its lighting is a blend of green, yellow, blue and purple, which turns out to be a bluish white. Due to the lack of red color, all the red objects appear to be black. Then some merchants make some phosphor as solution.

LED, equally plausible for the LED MR16,its lighting is actually a mixture lighting of light-emitting diodes ‘blue lighting and the phosphors ’lighting, actually the led light is coated with a phosphor which will offer board range of color light when is struck by led lighting. To believe or not, the white light with dose of blue is a blend of the blue led lighting and phosphors’ white lighting. Its soft shining is comfortable on your glaring and have good CT(almost in the natural sunshine),which is much more suitable for reading or other environments require better vision.

Survey for illumination effect

Maybe the academic data is not capable of catching your eyes, so why not turn to the realist claims from the users, which have had access to the fixture already. Actually, a survey is taken into practice for the data closing to the truth. You can check it out from the descriptions as below.

  • Survey time:2012-9-17~2012-10-9
  • Survey site: Brisbane, Australia
  • Comparison targets:

Lighting source



Color Temperature






Beam angle


Spot beam

Service life



  • Respondents : passers-by
The statistical table for comparison lighting effect

As you can see, LED MR16 has a more satisfying lighting in gallery, the lighting output of the led mr16 produce slightly less shadow than CFL, stability of CFL and led mr16 are good, but the led is more reliable. CFL's light performs in medium degree for glaring while the led mr16 is better with fewer complaints.Most people think the led mr16 is good at offering illumination in gallery while quite a number of people don't like the CFL's performance in color rending.On the whole, a number of people think the lighting quality on object of led mr16 is better than the situation before replacement. While most think the CFL’s lighting effect on the object stay almost the same or worse in gallery.

Therefore, more appropriated brightness, less shadow, less flickering, more comfortable illumination for glaring,higher support in better lighting effect on the object after replacement ,more reliable, are all the superiority of the little creative LED MR16 in lighting effect. No matter how you would react to it,either questioning"is it real?"or any screamings are nonsense, truth is the truth~led mr16 works well in the illumination for specific display like gallery.


It is only a brief introduction of the LED MR16 in lighting quality, may the words above by comparison and investigation enlighten you in the new creation. You can have a look in any qualified led store to prove what I am talking about. Thanks.
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