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LED brake light profile—LED BA15D bulb

jone / 2013-04-29

LED brake light profile—LED BA15D bulb

 It is just common sense for all us who drive that good brake lighting is an essential. Now we introduce you to brighter than bright Led lighting that will last for years and years.

Classification of automotive brake lights

The automotive brake lights, it can divided into three types according to the location points, including rear brake lights, car dashboard brake lights and high brake lights. And turns the topic to the material, it can be of two kinds: gas automobile brake lights and LED automotive brake lights. Here is we will place the priority into LED one with the model of LED BA15D.

Traditional T5 for dashboard brake light New led wedge bulb for the high brake lights New bayonet light for rear brake light

LED BA15D off pin?

Led BA15D bulb can also be called the led 1157 bulb, the base of the model has a structure of double wire, and it is featured with high and low foot double contact.
The lamp take possession of two basic functions, including brake warning function and position function, when in braking functions, the power is higher while in the position function, the power is comparative lower. In general, a position function is kept open in most occasions, informing others in the near road of you are there.

Application of the BA15D bulb offpin in details

At the settlement of the LED brake light is to facilitate the back running vehicle to recognize your braking or suffering from accident, which can effectively prevent rear-end collision,. And what is more, it can remind you to turn on the headlight for better vision and better be noticed in the horrible weather.


Sharp LED lighting wraps the car with light Nice and very practical Cool for nice design!!
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