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how to use vehicle lights??

jone / 2013-05-04

How to use the Vehicle lights??

How to make best use of the vehicle lights? What does the flashing lights mean? Which light should I turn to under the invisible road circumstance? Here come some ways to master the various vehicle lights and enclose some lighting signal information.

NO.1. Turn signal light

The light must be kept open in the whole vehicle steering,due to the automatic shiny on and off, vehicles and pedestrians around can get the turning message.At the meantime,the open time should be set in the point where is around 30 meters to 100 meters ahead of turning.Leaving the light open too early mislead others to “forgetnees to shut down the turn signal light”.And too late would make other unprepared,which often make mistake in the hurry reaction.

Therefore,the cabdriver had better not open the turning light after having the guest off the cab,and the remind other friends on the road that taking a look at the reflecting lens and open the turn signal light no matter for left turn or for right turn,which is a primary polity.

At least six turning lights on the vehicle

NO. 2. Brake light

With strong lighting,the brake light gets accustomed to warning that here a stop or slowing down.So essential the brake light is , its rountin check should be taken seriously,otherwise,it is more possible for a accident happen.What is more,the replacement might as well be another focus,as the commercial available brake light would turn out to be BA15D OFF PIN, which is with a unbalanced feet points for different voltages.That needs professional mechanic’s attention,not to reverse the setting directions and you had better to double check the it.According to experienced mechanic, they never take the brake pedal to the end for once,several gentle brake for back notice and have the brake all done.So,here we know,never think of once done in the braking unless you want a enthusiastic car kiss.

The brake lights and 3rd brake light

NO. 3. Stop light

The stop light is a warning light for the urgent application, such as the energy brown down or other special situations. Its ”double flashing” warning lighting is in order to? raise the vehicles and pedestrians’ attention. By the way, the stop light is stranger for some drivers,they can even not locate the exact the button and have no idea about the usage.Actually it is definitly dispensible for the familiar with the owmer’s manul and learn it by heart, which would absolutly do help to guarantee your safe road driving.What I have to say, it is no need to keep the “double flash ”stop light shinning all the time.and keep a good habit of testing the lights regularly.I have ever heard of a funny story about a diver, his car had a abrupt broken down, he indeed wave his big hands around and shout” move !!”without opening the “double flah”stop light.

When your car happens to a broken down ,just fellow as above

NO. 4. Head light

Head light, you can call it head light ,plays a great role as “heart” in the whole vehicle.
You had better to check it as a routine. Just go to the professional maintenance factory to adjust its relative lighting angle or brightness, which is tailored specifically for your individual taste and perfect combination of personality and technology. When your car is confronting the coming car, please turn the high beam to the low beam, and reverse to the high beam for a better front vision after the coming across. By means of exchanging the high and low beam, you are about to passing through the ten cross turning and out passing other vehicles. Set the principle in your mind: polite, suitable time to exchange lighting, never be colorblind to the big and shining head light.

The head light here is composed of high beam and low beam.

NO. 5.Fog light

Here have to mention the fog light, which is really necessary in the weather of foggy or rainy and the urgent situation for the back attentions and timely measures. Therefore, it is common sense to keep the fog light shutting up in the foggy situation instead of the low beam light. But that doesn’t mean that it is suitable for any time, such as the rear fog lighting in daytime occur in the wrong time, which would has influence the front vision of the driver behind.

The fog light penetrates well in lighting

The comparison between the head lighting and fog lighting

What does the lighting mean??

  1. High beam flashes: remind the one ahead of leaving instantly or shutting down the high beam.
  2. Head light one flash: agree the requirement for running the same road.
  3. Head light double continuous flashes: disagree the requirement for running the same road.
  4. Head light three flashes: the car is being broken down.

The lights are not only the illumination tools on the hurry road, but also an important communication measures among the drivers. Please make the knowledge to be a weapon to maintenance the harmony on the road.

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