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What Is A Tail Light?

jone / 2013-05-13

What Is A Tail Light?

Tail lights ,rear lights called as well,is a significant components for the integrated vehicle system.and you can put across it broadly as the rear of the lamps unit with lights and bulbs, and it can be the rear lighting lamps at the automotive reaction after the head light openning in a narrow sense.Here we will shed lights on the tail lights in the board platform.

Delicate Design for the Tail Light

Effect of the tail light house:

As we know, the tail light is composed of two parts,the protective housing and the bulb embeded, so what is the effect of the outside house?Actually,The contribution of tail lights housing focus on two points: First one is aggregating light and leading the emission out to enhance the brightness and lighting range of the light bulb; Second effect is changing light bulb glow color through the color of the bulbs.

Housing is the outside skin defending

Tail light type:

1.Types according to the material:

The whole car taill light design There are mainly three kinds of tail lights for option at present, halogen auto bulbs, HID auto bulbs and the emerging of LED auto bulbs. Undoubtedly ,the designer will take the material into a great consideration ,as the different types means different working hours , various power rate and inconsistent design? limitations, and compared with the traditional generations, the led design without filament is bound to more safe and easier install that is why the led light would be a pet in the lighting design.

2.Types according to the function:

  • [tail light/ rear light] :It is mounted at the back of the vehicle and the tail light’s main color is red lighting, which is mainly used for warning the following vehicles . That is to say, The red lighting indicates warning ,the yellow lighting for indicator lighting and the reversing lamp with the function of auxiliary observing. According to the form, composite tail lights are divided into independent type and combined type.
  • [position lamp] : red light displays in the rear
  • [reverse lamp] : installed in rear part of the car, the reverse shining when your car is backing up.
Tail Lights

3.Divided by color:

The tail light’s chimnes are composed of red, yellow, and white three colors. parking lights, brake lights shine red lights through red light cover,the fog light illuminates yellow lights with white chimney, reversing light has yellow lighting through yellow cover.
Red light: 1. clearance lights can let others can judge your car in relatively car width in the distance, as long as the high beam lights it will be bright. 2. it is turn for the brake lights, it is bright once you brake ,only to remind all around of the vehicle in case of collision. it can significantly increase bright as you brake, playing a role to remind also. (led Ba15d off pin).

Yellow light: 1. As for the turn signal, no matter for turning , driving in the same road or preparing to move, you had better to open related turn signal in advance before start,and the yellow lights which is circulted around the vehicle in both sides will shine for the attention from all around.

Red Or Yellow Colors For The Rear Lamp

2,Emergency light, when the car happen to come across emergency, such as breakdown on the road.It is absolutely a time for the emergency light,just open the emergency light switch and you can see both sides of the yellow lights flashing at the same time, so that it is also called "double flash". What is more, a fog light is set behind cars , and thanks to a good penetration of the yellow light, fog lights tends to be designed in yellow color.

Tail lights replacement bulbs

Car tail lights include: turn signal, brake light, position light, fog light, back up light, parking lights.

Some models would have brake lights and position light together, made of light bulb is double wire, such as p21/ 5 w bulb, power will be up to 21 w when in a state of brake lights, and be 5 w for position, or the brake lights can take the LED BA157 off pin ( 2 w/4w). Turn light and brake light is symmetrical on the right and left side respective side.

LED turn signal bulbs usually use P21w or BA15S, T10 base;
Brake light bulb base generally use P21/5 w led BA15D off pin can also be used.
Parking position light generally use T4W or W5W, you can choose LED BA15D parallel pin, BA15S, T10;

Rear fog light and the reverse light would in the general use of W16W or P21W ,or you can choose led BA15S, T10 instead.

The LED BA15D parallel pin
The advantage of LED Tail Lights:

LED tail lights is a kind of using sustainable LED light source with innovative brake lights and tail lights. No matter in car brakes,turnning around or signaling to other vehicles and pedestrians, it does a great job.With the progress of led technology, more and more parts of car lights began to use led bulbs.

The LED BA15D parallel pin Bulbs for application

Undoubtedly, due to the led materials, its environmental protectio,energy saving, high efficiency, long life span, light color purity and extraordinary light intensity are all the elements for undoubtful outrun the halogen bulbs. Led lights has become a fashionable trend, such as audi, BMW and other well-known brand manufacturers have widely used led car bulbs.

Compared with traditional lamps, light emitting diode (LED) has a series of technical advantages, a very short reaction time and longer service life are two of the most important advantages.As you know, the timely recognization of the brake lighting ahead will do a greater help to reduce the stopping distance of the driver. For example, Under the same conditions that the brakes at a speed of 100 km/h, recognizing car's brake lights ahead in time can reduce drivers stopping distance,which is up to about 5.5 meters.

The various brake distances with different response time
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