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Why LED Boat Light Conquers Every Nook Onboard?

jone / 2013-05-29

Why LED Boat Light Conquers Every Nook Onboard?

Assuming hanging around the dock for a while, you are expected to be indulged into the wonder why LED boat lights inhabit every cranny and nook here, which looks like a led boat light bomb has burnt out before, as the halogen boat light gets used to be the king of the vessel lighting.
As you say, “use to be” is equivalent to the expiration of something traditional, here is a time for the LED Boat Light with explosive development.

Boat Lighting


Exploring from the history, a exclusive biography of LED boat light will be on display.

At the beginning of stepping into the boat light market, the led boat light tends not to be a main character ,the relative reasons come from two respective aspects, one for the deep-rooted lighting vision habit for halogen yellow lighting instead of the led bluish white, and another would be immature quality and lighting output of led itself. And it is in general appliacations as the indicator light or the retrofied as the reading light with low power .

Although not being the prime hit for the people at that time, the testing water action featuring with the high energy efficiency motivates the development of the LED boat lights,playing an important role as the significant tablets.

And the follwing ten years the led boat light came across a great explosive development,and the current led boat light not only overcomes its drawbacks bothr in output and the light quality, but also advances to be a matched or even better rival for halogen on the lighting marktet.


Halogen is being of convenience,inexpensiveness ,effective, general onboard applications and its maintainence and installation cost not too much technique to control.On the other hands, the halogen one is of poor efficiency in energy consumption ,short life time , obvious high heat output, fragile construction, poor durability and average light quality.
Taking the halogen drawbacks into consideration, here comes the better led alternative to offset the disadvantage of the halogen generation~LED Boat Light.

Great LED Boat Light Illuminations
  • High cost efficiency

As the price of led boat light that seems prohibitive, many people is going after the cheaper halogen one.But from the long run, the led boat light is indeed of more than great cost efficiency , as the commercial available average halogen bulb only provide around 2,000 hours of use before needing replacement. While a LED light can supply 50,000 hours long life span which is 25 times longer living than the halogen. Assuming per average halogen is 5 dollars,that is to say,in order for obtaining the same life span of the led , the overall life time for maintaining the operation for the halogen light running would add up to over 125 dollars,which is indeed a far larger cost than the initial price of the LED.

  • Outlast life time

Constrast to the halogen one, the led boat light has superiority over the previous one with the overwhelming advantage in working time.For instance, a 12 watt LED and a 70 watt halogen with the consistent total light output,which are all operated 12 hours/day, you have to replace the halogen blud every 4 or 6 months while the led one will "trouble "you 8 or 12 years after the initial installation.

  • Excellent energy efficiency

As we can know, the led boat light have the transmission of the led traditional merits,thanks to the LEDs’ abundant glorious lighting generation with low power consumption, the vessel is capable of have 75% electricity onboard lighting consumption cut, only to save the vessel fuel consumption and make your pocket without money flash running out .

  • Durable Construction

As known to all, the halogen is fragile for its specific construction with filament.Under such inborn limitation, its weekness in durability is bound to be kept still no matter how good its outlook would be. While the LED light is being without the problem relying on its super durable features without filament. And the relative consolidation measurements are always in strong suppot,such as the stainless steel meterial fighting for the corrosion,vibration, moisture(316),high waterpoof rating(IP66 or IP68), impregnable aluminum housing and so on.

On the whole, the LED boat light is in definitely of low cost for long operation, super longer span, great energy efficiency, strong durable construction,and that are the reasons why the led light can be the taking-over overlord of every nook and cranny for onboard lighting.

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