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Selective purchasing tips for a high-class led awning light

jone / 2013-06-04

Selective purchasing tips for a high-class led awning light

If you are occupied with the night reunion or exterior reading under the delicate awning, what can’t be left out would be not only the good mood but also the company of an advanced led awning light. For your convenience to confront the difficult choice in the flooding advertisements , here is strategy for a superior led awning light.

1. Imagine the future usage and make a rough requirement list for what you want in practical application. Such as the installation location, the amount you require, the lighting effect you want and even the budget the fund allows.

LED Awning Light

2. A reliable seller is necessary element for a better quality guarantee. Compared with wandering around the store next block, you tend to like the website ebay for much convenient and time-saving. But you had better to go for some merchants with three elements: Powerful, Reputable and professional.

  • Powerful merchants will be willing to take a responsibility of the product even after your pull out your purse and pay it whether quality issues or asking for compensation, you can turn to its registered office at ease.
  • Reputable, a good seller is not only powerful but also be reputable ,thanks to its confidence to its quality , a reputable seller tends to stand in the side for the Paypal payment and will take charge of the fee caused by improper transportation or manufacture fault .
  • Professional, a good seller should be a good hand in profession area, such as the brief illustration of the major characters of the led reflects the profession. As you can imagine, it is almost impossible for a seller unfamiliar with self-selling products to guarantee a excellent led awning light.

3. Select the type following your taste. The led awning lights are composed of led hang light and led strip light which needs your patience to appreciate and pick out. Due to the durable construction without filament, there is flexible room for the design, and the led awning strip light tends to be fixed in permanence while the latter especially asks for the extra regular collection. It is your turn to make a proper install selection from slipping the strip inside the utility groove or pulling strap of an awning’s roller tube.

4. Make the best of the technical data. It is time to reach out for your notebook with your personal requirement, and of course with more convincing technical data.

  • Operating Voltage, as led awning light is in general application for the caravan, RV, marine, yacht, camper trailer, motorhome , please double check the voltage input is suitable for your lovely running beast (12v DC or 24v DC in general low voltage)
  • Lumens, if you like some reading or the outdoor activity, lumens would be good standard for checking the led awning light, the higher the better on the whole, but taking some certain light with low lumen but high lux into consideration, they still work hard to blind eyes out of your expectation, while the led one is indeed a perfect combination of high lumens and strong eye protectiveness. Ensure the lighting output is without eyestrain.
Great Lighting Effect Without Eyestrain
  • ?Watertight. In order to adapt the exterior working environment, there is no doubt to guarantee the waterproof ability , the best model would be ALLED 12V LED Awning Light, which is of advanced waterproof capability, its IP66 watertight rate will get you out of the anxiety for moisture.
Super Waterproof Capability
  • Solid. As the quality of the general led awning lights tend to be durable, you are at ease to recognize the relative wiring, the connection, housing material or even the soldering besides the light body. And the housing materials in current market canbe plastic or aluminum, the latter does a better job both in dissipating heat and solid enough for outliving.
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