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Illumination triggered by a index~IP66 of LED Awning Light

jone / 2013-06-05

Illumination triggered by a index~IP66 of LED Awning Light

After the snapping up for the led awning light, have your eyes ever realized and even stayed on the printed word like this~IP66? If you are not a good hand in this aspect, you might as well feel free to be in our class, which will just last for several minutes.

The IP66 For LED Awning Light

What does “IP66”mean?

IP66, it can be divided to two parts, the “IP” and 66.IP is the abbreviations of ingress protection, such Protection grade system is drafted by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Electric appliances will be graded according to the capability of the water-proof and dust ingress.

IP protection level is composed of two Numbers, the first number represent the ability that lamps and lanterns prevent from dust and other external invasions including tools, man's fingers are not exposed to electrical equipment within the live part in case of electric shock. The second number indicates the airtight degree for moisture proof and waterproof, as you know, the greater the number, the higher the protection level is. Here is the shed the light on “66” in detail.

The Superior Watertight

The detailed illumination

First 6 marked feature number refers to dust invasion external things completely, and can completely prevent dust entering. The latter “6” means the led awning light can even fight against the Invasion of the big wave, and this level can be suitable for the deck on vessel, hence, you can imagine that the “IP66” without afraid of wave , how ease could be to deal with abundant dust attacking or pouring rain through the long-distant trip for the led awning light . Of course, if you are in face of the lampblack issue resulting from regular BBQ or other cooking items under awning, the led awning light can do you a great favor protecting against the steam or the dust invasion without influencing its normal operation. And the awning light is easy to clean up, just with some water or cleaning spray. ?

LED Awning Light General Test

Howerver, limited by the technology, even the IP68 could not guarantee working well at anytime ane anywhere, so that the manual with be signed with applicated depth such as 1m.So that there is not asking for IP66 enclosure be fully sealed or entirely prevent water entering, but “IP66”light will not be interfered with the normal work or any disadvantageous outcome even after the water intrusion.Therefore, there is nothing you have to worry for the led awning light on the road or off the road.

On the whole , boasting the advanced waterproof rating ~IP66, the led awning light is not only perfect lighting for under awning lighting application, but also a reliable waterproof lighting workers for stable working without one day off before its retirement.

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