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Selecting and installing your under-cabinet Lighting

alled / 2011-10-08

 Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting to the cabinet and kitchen and act as a complementary to the general residential lighting. The space under cabinet is ideal for task lighting because the light source is near the task, provides necessary illumination to the work surface, hence enhancing light efficiency and avoids glare. Illumination reflected by the backsplash can make the kitchen look brighter. Besides, under-cabinet lighting can also used as night lighting if its brightness level is correctly controlled.

The importance of under-cabinet lighting is often underestimated. As an integral part of home, kitchen is always the primary location of family get-together and party. A lot of task is performed under cabinet. A good under-cabinet lighting can provide convenience to mincing and dicing meats and vegetables. The smooth and uniform light can enhance the color of food and give appeal appearance.

A variety of light source available for under-cabinet lighting makes it difficult to choose what is best. This article will give you an advice to select and install your under-cabinet lighting.

Incandescent lamps are the most common light source in residential lighting applications. It has a variety of size and style in under-cabinet lighting application, such as “bi-pin”,” wedge” and “festoon”. They are inexpensive and easy to replace when burned out. But their life expectation of is not ideal, average 2 years life span for 3 hours per day. When producing the same light output, incandescent lamps use more energy .

Linear fluorescent lamp is the most popular light source for under-cabinet application. Fluorescent lamp has many advantages over incandescent lamps. They are designed in thin size which exactly fits the limited under-cabinet space. Fluorescent lamp has longer life expectation (about 7years for 3 hours per day), lower power consumption, less lighting flicker. 

The growth of LED technology makes it popular in residential applications. A variety of sizes and type of LED fixtures are available for under-cabinet lighting. LED’s long life expectation and low power consumption motive its adoption.

At present, the initial cost of LED is much higher than incandescent and fluorescent lamps, about 1 to 5 times higher. The high price is due to its novelty factor, technology element, and newness to market. As LED technology becomes matured, its price will drop in the near future. But we have to commit that, the high initial purchase price limits its wide adoption.

If calculating the lifestyle cost, maintain cost and power consumption are also elements to consider. At that point, LED has its advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lamps. A high quality LED can last 50,000hrs, much longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. And its power consumption is much lower than those before. So, LED has the potential to be a more saving lighting source.

Despite cost element, light uniformity and light color are also factors to consider. 

The ideal under-cabinet light source should provide smooth and even illumination that light up the entire counter and the backsplash. Some LED creates spot rather than smooth light, this leaving the backsplash remain relatively dark. LED with frosted lens can create better light uniformity and diffused light.

The color appearance of an under-cabinet lighting source is a matter of personnel preference to certain extent. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps provide a warm, glowing light. While white LED tends to creates bluish light, although “warm white” is more common at the market. LED has colors more than just white, blue, red, even color changing. This creates decorative effect, this is favorite in parties and mood-needed purpose.

After selection, it turns to installation matters. In general, LED under-cabinet light source is installed as the previous; it won’t bring more hassle to you. But LED is more sensitive to heat. So heat dissipation should be taken serious when installing LED under-cabinet light. Leaving a gap between the cabinet and fixture to provide easy heat escape will guarantee the working stability of LED. 

Lighting acts as the workhorse in the kitchen. An energy-efficient, durable under-cabinet light source can add to your cooking pleasure. So why not take action at once to select a right under-cabinet light and properly install it?

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